Quote of the day—Rep. Tom Suozzi

It’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the president. This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly, because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?

Rep. Tom Suozzi (D)
March 2018
Congressman suggests Second Amendment as means of opposing Trump
[Via email from Lyle who commented (and also suggested this was appropriate):

If nothing else it demonstrates once again that they understand the constitution. They oppose it, not because they fail to understand it, but because they do understand it.

I cannot find fault with this conclusion.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rep. Tom Suozzi

  1. I remember the flamestorm that greeted then-candidate Trump when he made a similar comment during the campaign.
    There’s a pretty sad item in that article: A listener then blurts out, “What’s the Second Amendment?” Credit to the Congressman, though — he answered that question correctly.
    I’d say we should take this article and keep it around as evidence that the 2nd Amendment is of critical importance, as even Democrats are able to see. Don’t argue about his motivations, but take his conclusion and cheer him on. It should bend all sorts of minds when you do that.

  2. Will that quote of Suozzi’s get him onto the “terrorist watch list”? Answer; no, it won’t. That list is only for those who uphold all of the American Principles of Liberty. A bomb-throwing anarchist or communist revolutionary is viewed by the left as an intelligent, up-standing (if misunderstood) concerned citizen exercising his constitutional rights.

    Anyway; the recent bump in gun sales should not be attributed entirely to principled Americans. The left will want their guns too, to deal with us. That’s one of the reasons why they need the up-and-coming “mental health” exception, and it’s why they will get it. Gun laws will be increasingly weaponized, same as was done with the IRS under Obama.

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