Ignorance and/or stupidity?

Via email from Bill J.:


Does that mean that this liberal wants…

  • Women to be banned from entering schools and college campuses?
  • Women to be banned from any establishment selling alcohol?
  • Women to be banned from polling places on election days?
  • Women to be banned from all government meetings?
  • Women to be banned from all airports?
  • Women to be locked up at all times that they are not in use?
  • Some women to be banned outright, simply because they look too scary?


  • Does she also think that guys should be allowed to have more than one?
  • And that you should be able to install a silencer on your woman?

Perhaps this was not well thought out.


6 thoughts on “Ignorance and/or stupidity?

  1. It was thought out deeply and declared “Brilliant” in a glorious echo chamber.

    One of the big problems the anti-gun side has is they do Zero red-team work. They make zero effort to counter our arguments, or attempt to understand the rational for why we have them.

    We could use a LOT more work on our side, but they have NOTHING on theirs.

  2. Considering guns DONT HAVE RIGHTS I am assuming she wants to go back to “The Good Old Days” when a woman was a mans possession? Some how I dont think that is what she is implying.
    These people really need to think about what they say. Words mean things but they seem to forget. And they say they are the educated ones.

  3. Plus every time a women does something in one part of the country the media and the leftist lickspittle lackeys start baying and frothing for further restrictions on all women and not just the one doing the criminal deed.
    I guess this would also eliminate the “rape culture” argument if there were a background check and a ten day waiting period before all dates.

    Dunno how the no women in places where alcohol is sold would work out, though. Thousands of women would have to find some more fully-clad way to pay for college.

    But for the National Organization of Women to be treated like the NRA, now, Pass the Popcorn!

  4. Wow. The list goes on and on.

    There would be jurisdictions where they were only allowed in public in the company of a specific man with a special license, and then only if they were completely concealed. Still others where they were only allowed outside of the house under very limited conditions. What in the world would that be like?

  5. “Ignorance and/or stupidity?”
    Why, stupidity, of course. She’s a feminist.

  6. Here in Colorado she could go out in public as long as nothing was concealed. With a license, she could have parts or all of herself concealed.

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