Crazy talk?

It’s absolutely amazing the crazy things some people claim to believe:

Democratic Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith said on the House floor that he was voting against the legislation, explaining that while he considers some of the legislation’s gun-control provisions reasonable, “they’re not enough.” He said the measure fails to address the root causes of mass shootings, including the ready availability of semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines.

How can anyone believe, “the root causes of mass shootings” include “the ready availability of semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines.”? Are the availability of syringes and surgical tubing the root causes of heroin overdoses? Are the ready availability of trucks and diesel the root causes of terrorists driving through crowds?

This is crazy talk or deliberate deception?

I think this is deliberate deception and manipulation of the language in an attempt to infringe upon a specific enumerated right. This criminal should be prosecuted.


2 thoughts on “Crazy talk?

  1. In other news Smith has spoken* similarly about Car Violence, aka “The Slaughter on the Highways”, and alcohol violence (you may never have driven drunk or committed any crime while drunk, but your use of alcohol facilitates the abusers, even in other states because volume sales allow reduced prices for the abusers, thus encouraging consumption, thereby facilitating the crimes).

    * All video of this has been suppressed by Democrat operatives collaborating with Russian agents.

  2. Plus the killer couldn’t fit 30 round mags in his duffel bag, so he used 10-rounders.

    The killer at Virginia Tech couldn’t get normal magazines from ebay, so he made do with 10-rounders.

    Funny how the “root cause” isn’t even present in many of the massacres.

    That gets even worse with the cooked numbers the antis toss around to make it sound like there is a Parkland every few days.

    Gun free zones, and dangerous people known to law enforcement and the community is a common thread in these events.

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