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The other day I posted about Facebook claiming a comment of mine was spam, asking me to review it, and then deleted it before I had to chance to review it.

Today, I posted a Random thought of the day:

If bakers of wedding cakes can be forced to bake custom wedding cakes for homosexuals because gay marriage is legal, doesn’t that mean stores which sell firearms can be forced to custom order an AR-15 for you because you are legally allowed to own one?

My blog software automatically makes a Facebook post with a link back to my blog. It did that today with the previous post but it doesn’t show up on Facebook. I have seen this before but just thought maybe there was error of some sort and the Facebook post failed. This time, I know that’s not the case.

From Statcounter:

Date: 3/1/2018 15:10
Title: Random thought of the day | The View From North Central Idaho

This was two minutes after my blog post went live. I knew it took a minute or two before a blog post showed up on Facebook. I thought it was probably just some sort of normal processing delay. Now I suspect my blog posts are reviewed by a human before being allowed to go live on Facebook. It could be an automated process but that shouldn’t take two minutes.

We have known for a while that Google blocks shopping searches for AR15s (compare with AR10s).

So, what can we do about this sort of crap? Any ideas that are better than boycotting them?

Update March1, 2018 19:22 PST: Another visit to my blog post via Facebook came in 14 minutes after the first one:

Date: 3/1/2018 15:24
Title: Random thought of the day | The View From North Central Idaho

It could not have been because of the original version of this post or inspired because of it because this post was not made until 16:10. Although it could have been that someone saw my blog post and referenced it themselves on Facebook. This is somewhat supported by the fact that another visit occurred at 18:48:

Date: 3/1/2018 18:48
Title: Random thought of the day | The View From North Central Idaho


9 thoughts on “More interesting Facebook stuff

  1. Start your own version of Facebook. It’s the equivalent of nuking them from orbit.

    C’mon, it’s only money, and you know computer stuff.

    • After I told Josh, at work, about the nefarious activities of Facebook and Google he suggested something similar.

      I raised an eyebrow and he caught on quick, “Oh, yeah… You hate Facebook. That probably wouldn’t work out that well then.”

      • You didn’t ask for solutions you would like. Your question was: “So, what can we do about this sort of crap? Any ideas that are better than boycotting them?”

  2. Well everyone should be browsing with Brave and searching with DuckDuckGo, for starters.

  3. It’s possible there is an innocent explanation. One is misadjusted clocks on some of the servers involved. Not all that likely, since NTP is normally enabled.
    Another is polling delays. If the program that reports seeing your post runs on a 5 minute cycle, it would be plausible for its notification to appear 2 minutes after your post.

    • If it were innocent then why does the post never show up on my Facebook timeline? I’m pretty sure they received because of the referral from (the IP located in the Bay Area) a couple minutes later.

    • Small crimes require secrecy and utmost subtlety. Really big crimes, like a global conspiracy of censorship, are protected by our own incredulity;
      “Surely they wouldn’t go THAT far… It just can’t be. That’d just be crazy. That’s “conspiracy theory”. Shut up; YOURE MAKING US LOOK BAD. Your crazy, extremist accusations are hurting our cause…”

      Thus we ourselves run the interference ops for the enemy, against our own. We become the enemy’s propaganda machine. Once they’ve got us informing on one another in exchange for petty rewards or empty promises, remember this day.

  4. On another note, and speaking of not doing things by the rules, you might read this:

    The letter from Chairman Nunes to the Attorney General includes the following:

    “I will remind you that aside from the violations of these protocols, the presentation of false and/or inverified information to the FISC in connection with the Carter Page warrant applications could entail violations of the following criminal statutes:

    18 USC 242
    50 USC 1809
    Obstruction of justice
    Contempt of Court”

    I thought you might find the reference to “18 USC 242” interesting.

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