It’s nice when they self identify

I’ve used this car wash many times. And I walked right by it today.

From the Bellevue Washington police blog:

What started as a routine trip to the car wash ended in a melee and an arrest this past Sunday in Bellevue. Yesterday afternoon shortly before 3 p.m., Bellevue police responded to a road rage incident in the parking lot of the Brown Bear car wash in the Factoria neighborhood of Bellevue. While responding, police learned that there was a minor rear-end crash involving two vehicles that were waiting in line for the car wash. One of the drivers got out of his car to take photos of the damage to the vehicles. The other driver then reportedly got out of his car, pointed a handgun at the victim, and made threats.

When police arrived, the suspect, a 40 year-old Bellevue resident, refused to exit his vehicle or follow the Officers’ instructions. Officers attempted to remove the suspect from the vehicle, and the suspect fought, punching one of the Officers in the face. The suspect allegedly threatened to kill the police and made disparaging comments about the victim’s perceived ethnicity. Police used a taser to subdue the suspect, who was arrested. The Officer that was punched had a minor injury and was transported to the hospital as a precaution. The suspect’s vehicle, a red Chevrolet Camaro with a custom license plate “DIRTBAG”, was impounded to the Bellevue Police Department for a search warrant.The license plate of the suspect's vehicle.

The suspect is expected to be charged today in King County Superior Court with first degree assault with a firearm, assault on a police officer, malicious harassment, obstructing police, and resisting arrest.

If all the dirt bags would identify themselves in such a manner it make so many things much easier.


7 thoughts on “It’s nice when they self identify

  1. I would be quite interested to know if the DIRTBAG actually had a CPL. In WA State, it is illegal ‘to place a loaded weapon into a vehicle” without a CPL. RCW 9.41.050 (2)(a)

    The question is somewhat moot, however.

    If the DIRTBAG did not have a CPL, this isn’t the first law he broke. In fact, he’d be a poster child for how all the Malum Prohibitum laws are ultimately useless against someone who either doesn’t care to learn what the laws are or doesn’t care to follow laws even if they knew them or specifically doesn’t follow such laws because they anticipate an advantage over those that do follow such laws.

    If he did have a CPL, he becomes part of the extremely small subset of offenders that has such a license, a smaller subset than even that of police officers (who might benefit from professional courtesy and thus artificially skew the offender rates, and I offer this possibility with all respect to honest cops who do not need ‘professional courtesy’ on any occasion). I’d like to volunteer to be on the jury with eleven other peers who similarly have CPLs.

    In fact, I’d be happy to have that codified into WA state law: the jury for any criminal charge where the defendant or accomplices possessed a weapon covered by a CPL shall be drawn exclusively from CPL holders, provided that the jury in the sentencing phase gets complete authority to sentence all the way from time served to ‘leaves jail via crematorium chimney within 90 days of final appeal’, and any appeal of the sentence (assuming guilt is maintained) is also considered by a CPL jury.

    I’m OK with this; jury duty is the only part of citizenship that compels service from a citizen, and it must do so for justice for the accused as well as the victims. To have the right to trial by jury requires a panel of citizens to serve as the jury. That’s the price of not having your trial determined solely by the law-school-graduating-twit that procured for him/herself a judgeship.

  2. I’m just willing to bet that anyone taking the trouble to get a DIRTBAG custom license plate will not also take the trouble to get a Concealed Carry Permit. The two mindsets seem mutually exclusive.

  3. Me, I’m wondering about the mindset that wanders around town, proudly proclaiming “DIRTBAG” to one and all.

    (Maybe it’s a term of endearment. Maybe he thinks it’s French.)

  4. “Dirtbag” is lucky he didn’t leave the scene with extra holes in him. I can only assume he didn’t brandish his pistol with the police present.

  5. If there’s going to be violence over a dented car, I’d expect a car wash to be a likely place for it to happen, and a Camaro to be present.

    Help bring peace to the world; forget about washing your car.

    When in drove a Mercedes I washed it a lot. Also it was Vandalized a number of times, and I worried about it. Now I drive a practical vehicle, haven’t washed one of my vehicles in over a decade, no one cares, no one notices, and no one touches it. Why should anyone touch it? No one cares, or notices. I don’t care. It gets scratched or dented, I’ve completely forgotten about it seconds later.

    Avoid the car wash altogether and your life will improve. Anyway, it rains once in a while.

    • I’m with you, Lyle. My neighbor washes and waxes his car weekly, and gets bent out of shape at every scratch and ding.

      Meanwhile I’ve washed my car once (and it was to show my daughter how car washes worked), and two shitty drivers have swapped paint on my car…I took their insurance money and could care less about the damaged paint and dents.

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