Quote of the day—Paul Koning

The standard statement by police commissioners and other politicians in high crime cities is “there are too many guns on the street”… I have never heard any of these idiots say “there are too many criminals on the street”.

This is why those are high crime cities.

Paul Koning
January 21, 2018
Comment to Quote of the day—Adam Smith
[As I have said before:

Problem statements drive the solution. Incorrect and unarticulated problem statements limit the range of solutions.

Defining the problem is sometimes the most difficult. And if you let your enemies define the problem you cannot win. The best you can hope for is that you don’t lose.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Paul Koning

  1. The root cause of crime is criminals.

    The root cause of violent crime is violent criminals.

    Only lying politicians (but I repeat myself) could find a way to twist that around to mean “guns.”

  2. The principalities with which we’re dealing expect to benefit from chaos. The things they say in public are just cover, words tailored for the goyum, the little people, the cattle.

    Their leaders even have a saying for it; Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos). It’s a very old motto, engraved in stone in many places around the world. The American Progressives have their own version of it; “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out”. It means “surreptitiously foment chaos, cause the citizenry to be so disgusted, so fed up and frustrated that they forget about rights protection and limits of decency and demand something hard-line be done about it, thus allowing the power brokers to swoop in and take control of everything. The people will thus welcome their new overlords”.

    There’s another saying to describe the same thing; “This is how freedom dies; with thunderous applause.”

    Don’t think for a second that they want to reduce crime. Law enforcement specifically obtains it’s power from crime, for without crime they would lose everything. More crime, higher budget. To let crime have its intended effect, they need more gun control. Gun control is a way to protect and encourage criminals at all levels.

    There are exceptions, and good people, at the lower levels in law enforcement of course, but the driving forces at the top are motivated in all the wrong directions.

  3. What they don’t say is; “If there were less criminals, there would be less need for police officers, judges, parole officers, prison guards, administrators, etc. Why I might even lose MY job! That would be a catastrophe.”

  4. When they call for fewer guns, we need to ask back if they think the levels of crime are acceptably low if only the criminals would use clubs and knives to commit them. Unfortunately they usually make silly statements in front of a camera and not in front of an audience that might ask the wrong follow up.

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