Interesting reaction

I never would have guessed this would have happened, Hawaiians watched a lot of porn after fake incoming missile alert.

The Tweet from Pornhub:

Stress relief? If so, you might say it’s another application of Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything.

But it could also be a decision to enjoy themselves while they can because they never know if it will be their last chance.


2 thoughts on “Interesting reaction

  1. What I took from the drop in viewership just after the announcement and the increase just after the retraction of the announcement is that a lot of Hawaiians start their morning with porn, but on that fateful day their normal behavior was interrupted for a while by the message of incoming nuclear incineration. Once the all clear sounded, everyone got back to doing what they normally do, creating a temporary bump up versus average usage.

  2. Looks to me like people were just catching up, so to speak, after a period of non porn use during the time of confusion. If you look at the total areas of green and pink, they remain very similar in proportion throughout the total time shown.

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