Replacing a fiber optic front sight

I was looking at the latest issue of USPSA FrontSight Magazine last night and found that 93% (IIRC) of the Limited class shooters at nationals this year used guns with fiber optic inserts in their front sights.

Son-in-law John (and USPSA grandmaster) works for Shooters Connection. Here he shows how to replace a fiber optic insert:


3 thoughts on “Replacing a fiber optic front sight

  1. Good to know. As a hunter I’ve been replacing my front sights with fiber optics on several firearms. Even my Ruger Single Six now sports FO sights, as do two of my mid 1800s repro percussion revolvers.

    Some say they get “too bright” in direct sun. OK. I’ll take that any day over having my sights disappear completely in some scenarios.

    I like being able to see a black ring of steel around the FO dot, so long as it’s concentric, as it provides that additional element of contrast.

    The ideal would be fiber optic with tritium, and there are a few of those being made now.

    • I have fiber+tritium TruGlows on my G19. Started out really nice. Quite the sturdy package. Liked it a lot. Now that the tritium is further along the decay curve, not so much. The fiber only pulls light from directly above. In the intermediate light of the indoor range, the magic is gone. Still nice under sunlight. Will be looking at other options to replace them soon. A pure FO play, like the one in the video, is appealing for its maintainability. Not sure if it’s rugged enough for EDC.

      • My DVC Limited has a fiber optic like the one in the video. I used it for everyday carry. I replace the fiber about once every couple of months.

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