The button

This has more than a little truth to it:

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Daughter Jaime describes the situation a little differently. She says it’s like President Trump has a laser pointer and the political left is a bunch of dogs chasing the dot of light.

I can see that.


6 thoughts on “The button

    • My daughter is a cat person. And some cats have good qualities. They catch mice and my ex-wife and I once had a cat that caught and ate mosquitoes. We didn’t understand why our neighbors (we lived in a condo) were having all the mosquitoes problems. Then we saw our cat eating them.

  1. In this dog and pony show, those who play “conservative” (wink wink) and those who play “liberal” (hush hush) will get together after work, after excoriating one another on camera or in text, and have cocktails together in their common clubs, headquarters, temples and halls.

    While watching a three ring circus may be very entertaining and even engaging, we mustn’t confuse it with reality.

    It is we who are chasing the laser dot ’round and ’round, if we become mesmerized, engaged with that false dichotomy as if it meant anything beyond a distraction.

    Go ahead; download the text version of Trump’s inaugural address. Pick it apart sentence by sentence. You will see that it is in perfect harmony with 1930s National Socialism, which in turn dovetails nicely with Fascism, with the theses of Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Movement, with the precepts of K. Marx, and all the other authoritarians since ancient times. Go ahead and show exactly where it is not. You will have a very difficult time of it.

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