Dancing in the blood

Gun control group sends lawmakers fliers with images from Vegas shooting:

A gun control group sent fliers to the White House and members of Congress with graphic images from the mass shooting earlier this year in Las Vegas.

The fliers — sent by the Massachusetts-based gun control group Stop Handgun Violence — invite recipients to “wipe the blood off your hands and end mass shootings.”

The recipients then have two options:

The first option reads: “I will vote in favor of background checks for all gun sales and renew the federal ban on military style assault weapons.”

The second reads: “I will continue to put gun lobby blood money above American lives.”

“When you RSVP, imagine these are your kids,” the bottom of the invitation says, above a graphic photo of the Las Vegas shooting.

Stop Handgun Violence says on its website its mission is to “prevent firearm violence through public awareness, education, policy advocacy and law enforcement strategies — without banning guns.”

“Without banning guns”? In the flier they sent out, quoted above, they specifically call for the banning of guns.

They lie. They ignore the science on the effect of mass shootings on legislation. They dance in the blood of innocent victims. It’s what they do.


3 thoughts on “Dancing in the blood

  1. Only an enemy would want you disarmed.
    They want Americans disarmed.
    They are enemies of America.
    They must stop.

    We could lengthen it with, “They seek to benefit from murder” and other clues, but the above progression is enough.

    The truth is often too simple to be widely accepted. As we strenuously search and research for more sophisticated answers, the truth sits there in plain sight the whole time, waiting, tapping us on the shoulder now and then, ignored until the last possible moment, until all the alternatives have been explored.

    • Don’t you know? Some handguns are rifles. Duh!

      [end sarcasm]

      These people are ignorant and sometimes even pride themselves on their ignorance. In their mind you are nitpicking over something that doesn’t make any difference. Guns are bad and that’s all you need to know.

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