Happy International Men’s Day!

As a happy non-feminist, I wish everyone a merry International Men’s Day!

Men: You’re not disposable. Your voices matter. Your lives matter.

Here’s a suggested documentary, to celebrate the day: The Red Pill: A Feminist’s Journey into the Men’s Rights Movement.

Buy/rent/stream details are here.

National Coalition for Men


One thought on “Happy International Men’s Day!

  1. Maybe I’ll check it out after hunting season. Right now I have to take my health-nut, Yoga instructor sister to the doctor because she’s too poorly to drive. Then I have to move the kitchen table into the new kitchen my son and I built, then make room in the garage so I can build a sewing table for a friend, then finish up the garden work in preparation for next Spring. Then there’s the roof that still needs fixed, my wife gave me a shopping list for Thanksgiving, and the IRS really, really wants my attention for some reason (they keep sending me mail and I’m pretty sure those are not thank-you letters for the 35+ thousand dollars I already sent them for last year).

    Wait; what were we talking about? Never mind; if you’ll excuse me I have to make a mortgage payment before I leave to get my sister, then I have to call my employees and let them know I’ll be late to work. Oh, and somewhere amidst all of that I need to find some time to oppress women.

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