Quote of the day—Scott Adams

The way private gun ownership protects citizens is by being a credible threat against all the civilians who might be in any way associated with a hypothetical tyrannical leader who uses the military against citizens. Citizens probably can’t get close to the leaders in such a scenario, but it would take about an hour to round up their families, and the families of supporters.

That would do it.

America is unconquerable.

Scott Adams
October 6, 2017
The Worst Gun Control Arguments
[About an hour? He must be thinking the lists with addresses are already compiled.—Joe]


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  1. A friends mother fled the Nazis order for the round up of Jews in France. In her family only her sister and her survived the roundup, hidden by nuns and smuggled to Spain.

    It wasn’t the Germans who came to her town to send the Jews to Poland and death. It was her own French mayor and local police force. They probably told themselves they were just following orders from above and they really didn’t have a choice.

    So if that day would ever come here, Mr. Mayor and local government will have to face the consequences for what happens. I know who the mayor is, I know where he goes to work everyday. I know where the city councilman lives. Same for the sheriff.

  2. That statement is definitely NOT in the warrior tradition and image that we on the right try to project. If we are to project the idea of a moral fight, we can’t argue that oppo families are our targets.

    This is a disgraceful statement by Scott Adams. He needs to retract it.

    • What I’m taking away from your statement is that you would find it preferable to be “honorable” and dead, rather than do what it takes to survive. Given Adams’ condition, that the military is being used against civilians, the government would have renounced any moral high ground. Such a fight would not be moral in any sense.

      • Negative. His statement tells me he would BASE opposition to institutional tyranny by taking hostages. Julius Ceasar would approve, Machiavelli would approve, but no US military academy teaches such doctrine. It has all the finesse of total nuclear war, which I WAS trained to wage but knew there would be no survivors when I did wage it.

        • I don’t read it as Adams himself advocating but that he is describing what would occur.

    • I know that it’s not a part of the Vanderboegh 3% way, but civil wars are nasty brutal things​.

      If they don’t want to get eaten they should stop poking the bear.

  3. One of the most important things the late soldier, policeman, and deeply influential trainer Pat Rogers said was “I got a list”.

    There are lots of lists out there, and I would bet dollars to donuts they are shared.

    We Americans are composed of the same stock that made up (in more or less chronological order) The Scottish Border Reivers(my own folk), Roger’s Rangers, Quantrill’s Raiders, Mosby’s Rangers, the various Jewish partisans (also kin), the Irish Republican Army, and a majority of the world’s surviving Viet and Hmong irregulars. Zapatistas too, now.
    It is a good thing we Americans have not seen civil war in 150 years.
    I pray it stays that way. We are among the most efficient irregular forces yet fielded on planet Earth.

  4. There is another argument to be made in regard to civilians associated with tyrants. Specifically, guns are a great defense against those civilians.

    Typically, at least at first, you have a greater threat from SA types associated with the regime than you do with the regime itself. This gives the government a degree of separation. Armed, you can kill a pro-government thug. When he is armed–and note that in a gun control society, the regime will typically look the other way for its supporters–and you are not, you are up shit creek.

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