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That which one of my favorite YouTubers says is his “most valuable” firearm is one of my favorite (carbines?) also, and his has one of my favorite creations on it. OK, he doesn’t mention his M1-B optic mount, and doesn’t have an optic on it for the video, but we’ll take what we get.

He had his AK worked over at Rifle Dynamics, which is one of our distributors. They seem to know what they’re doing, and that is something worthwhile.


3 thoughts on “Favorite, favorite, favorite

  1. I’d like to try your Garand and M1 carbine variants, but both mine are in too good a shape to fool with modifying. Need to find me a couple of beaters that some GI drug across the hills of Korea or something….

    • Um, you realize that on a vintage GI Garand or Carbine there’s no modification involved?

      Mods are required only when the later, commercial rifle clones are done and the modern companies don’t do it quite to original specs.

      So a GM Inland Carbine for example will take the M6-B as a drop in proposition, whereas the new Inland Manufacturing Carbine will not. IBM? Total drop-in. Auto Ordnance or IAI needs the stock inlet first, etc., etc.

      If your Garand is all GI spec, then the M12 mount drops in, no mods. If it’s been re-barreled with an aftermarket commercially made barrel, and the barrel maker decided it would be cool to change the barrel profile, then either the mount will be totally incompatible or something will need to be modified. If your Garand has the “Tanker” modification, then something else will need to be changed to fit the M12.

      See the pattern here? The more original and pristine your GI weapon, the more absolute is the fact that absolutely no part of it need be altered to accept one of our mounts.

      AKs can be different in that regard, due to the nearly infinite number of variations on AKs.

      The Garand and the Carbine are pretty absolute, and their actual GI-issue variants are few and inconsequential to this issue. That allows me to make such absolute statements about them.

      Now if you don’t want an optic mount on it because you don’t intend to fire it, because you want to keep it pristine which also means unfired, then that’s another matter altogether of course.

      I just don’t want anyone to get away with believing that the mount installation requires modification of a classic Garand or Carbine because it absolutely does not.

      Same goes for the M-14. Only the clones ever run into issues, where they have a different barrel profile.

      • Yeah I got you. I shoot both minimally, wanting to keep them in as good a shape as possible. I just don’t want to be swapping parts and pieces on those two rifles. They’re an ’55 IHC Garand (correct outside the rear sight) and an ’43 Underwood carbine (correct post-wwII rebuild), had been in my wife’s uncles possession from the late 60s till he passed earlier this year at which point I picked them up out of the estate.

        It’s really just a personal hangup that I’d rather find a couple of beat up mix masters to monkey with, nothing against your product at all. Fact I’ve got a couple on AKs and really like em….which is part of why I want to try them on other stuff….

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