Quote of the day—George Clooney

Don’t you think the next Democrat who runs should just run with a blue hat that says, ‘Make America Great Again?’

George Clooney
September 24, 2017
Hillary Clinton blames many things for her loss. George Clooney blames her ‘frustrating’ speeches.
[The political left just doesn’t get it. Perhaps they can’t.

Read The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. This book was recommended to me by Mike B. (Idaho friend, firearms instructor, and lobbyist for gun owner rights). I was impressed with the book as was daughter Jaime. It explains a great deal of the frustration on every side of political and religious debates.—Joe]


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  1. I found the book reasoned and balanced even though it was written by a self-professed liberal. Always good to look at all sides.

    • Agreed, on both points. And the author admitted he came away from his research with a lot more respect for conservatives than he did before he began.

  2. Mr. Clooney thinks he’s being sarcastic, but that would work better than anything else the Democrats have tried lately.

    • Yes, but I think he also believes the electorate is stupid, ignorant, and easily fooled. When the fact is he is ignorant of why the electorate reject what Democrats offer.

    • It would work, but only if voters believe that Democrats mean it. Slogans spouted by lying politicians don’t go very far, and most voters know that a blue hat with that slogan would be an example of such a lie.

  3. All touchy-freely, “why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along” horseshit aside; anyone can thing whatever dumb thoughts they want. It’s when those thoughts result in attempted coercion that they’ve crossed the line. That’s a hard and fast, readily understandable line. There’s no excuse.

    We can’t all “just get along” because half of the people want to control the lives and property of the other half. Maybe it’s more like three quarters, or nine tenths who want coercive power. Since it’s all Democrats and most Republicans (each side blaming the other for being too much like them) then nine tenths is possibly closer to the real number.

    Get the fuck out of my face, my business, and my home and we’ll get along just fine.

    But no one wants to leave others alone. The authoritarians will have taken half of everything I’ve ever worked for, all my life, and one hundred percent of the things I didn’t have the resources to do because they took that half of what I did in spite of their efforts to stop me, and they tell me that I’m being “mean spirited”, that I’m “deplorable” or any of an endless list of insults.

    They’re worse than spoiled children who live off of their parents while hating them, who disrupt the family enterprises while viewing themselves as the victims.

    So no; I don’t need a sermon from an authoritarian (a criminal for all practical intents and purposes) telling me what I’m doing wrong, thank you. Nor do I have any interest in being adored, liked or even tolerated by authoritarians. I’m an honest man; criminals are supposed to hate me. If they don’t then it means I’m too much like them, meaning I’m a shithead. If I’m not targeted for death by their leaders, then it means I have some ways to go to becoming a better person.

    Also; what was ever gained by tolerating and “getting along” with authoritarians as though we’re all chums who can co-exist in harmony (the hosts getting along with the parasites)? That’s called appeasement, and war and mass death are the results. Authoritarians will sue for “Peace”* just long enough for them to get their fangs into you, invite their friends over to feast on you, and set up shop as a permanent installation.

    The longer it takes to throw them off, the bloodier it will be. At some stage, and we may be well past that right now, there will be no turning back, and a thousand years, or three thousand years, of slavery will be our reward for co-existing.

    *Peace; noun. The total lack of opposition to socialist/authoritarian ideas and practices. E.g.; “Nothing is more important than securing world ‘Peace’.”

  4. The problem is that “Make America Great Again” is an example of American Exceptionalism, which is a belief that the Left has opposed for decades.

  5. Mr. Clooney was recently (roughly) quoted for telling the POTUS to “F” himself.

    So, I tell Mr. Clooney to instead auto fornicate himself until he expires and I will not be buying any more of his lackluster products. It’s the least thing I can do for him.

    I tire of “hollyweird” elites dictating to me. I dismiss all of their advice as worthless.

    • Read the book. You might develop a bit of sympathy for Clooney’s viewpoint. He, almost for certain, is unintentionally overlooking or even deliberately ignoring data and points of view which you and others think of as blindingly obvious. But it doesn’t necessarily mean he is intentionally evil. His sense of right and wrong probably only has one dimension (empathy for others). While you and I see tradeoffs with other values such as freedom, independence, personal property, etc. Other cultures have dimensions to morality that are difficult for you and I to grasp. Muslims, for example, heavily weigh honor and obedience to (their understanding of) God.

      • I doubt I have the time to read it, but my umbrage is due to his use of crude language for dissenting with the POTUS.

        He went straight into the gutter for his criticism and so he deserves the same.

        • Okay. Got it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

          I rarely use foul language and it seems to me there is a lot more of it in public, at work and on the Internet than there was 20 years ago. I don’t care for it but I have gotten to the point where I mostly disregard it as having any value, shock, emphasis, or otherwise.

      • Sorry Joe. No book is going to persuade me to have sympathy for Clooney or any of the other mentally ill libtards of Hollywierd.
        I am also disinclined to believe that they’re just shallow and naive rather than evil, and I don’t believe tor a nanosecond that their “empathy” is genuine or motivated by anything other than their inherent predisposition to wishing to feel self-important and “better” than us little people.
        As far as I am concerned, I’d be more inclined to trust and respect a rabid baboon than Clooney or his ilk

        • I think there is a fair to good chance you are correct on your second point. On the first point you, assuming you never read the book, are certainly correct.

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