John Vlieger in the news

A media release from son-in-law John Vlieger’s sponsor Shell Shock:

Shell Shock Technologies, LLC., an early stage technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry, is pleased to announce its sponsored shooter John Vlieger has won High Overall in the Open Division at the 2017 USPSA Area 4 Championship, held at the United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sept. 8 – 10, 2017. Vlieger finished with 1390.928 match points and a time of 148.09. This was his second consecutive Area win.

“Being able to take home a second regional title in such a short time is another goal reached. The time spent traveling, training and competing can take it out of you, but I’m ready and raring to go to the next one. Having reloading components I can trust with my +P+ competition loads helps me focus on competing, and not on whether or not my gear can take the abuse. My Shell Shock Technologies’ NAS3 cases have taken everything I’ve thrown at them and keep on going. I plan on continuing to trust them as I finish out the 2017 competition season, and forward,” commented Vlieger.

The USPSA Area 4 Championship, otherwise known as the Walther Arms-MGM Targets Area 4 Championship, is a Level III (pending) match that runs 12 stages with a round count of 290. Watch Vlieger compete at the USPSA Area 4 Championship on the John Vlieger Shooting YouTube Channel.

Vlieger can be seen competing next at the Tennessee Atomic Blast USPSA State Championship Match, to be held at the Oak Ridge Sportsman’s Association in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Sept. 16 – 17, 2017.

John placed second out of 227 competitors at the Tennessee Atomic Blast.


2 thoughts on “John Vlieger in the news

  1. Pretty cool. Congratulations to John!

    So I figure that at this stage some people will be wondering;
    +P+? Really? I thought the goal in competition speed shooting was to download the ammunition to mouse fart energy (MFE) levels to reduce recoil and thus allow the shooter to recover and shoot faster. Or are we trying to make Major power factor with a 9mm? Maybe some who don’t shoot competitively would like to know more about how that works.

    • Open division guns need lots of gas to run the compensators correctly. They shoot smaller calibers with medium weight bullets at high velocity and make major. 9mm major Power Factor is now “a thing”. The Shell Shock casing makes this less likely to result in “unintended consequences”.

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