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The Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of 1,200 adults found 48 percent of Americans said they or somebody else in their household owned a gun. That’s 3 percentage points higher than when the same question was asked last year. It’s 9 percentage points higher than when the question was asked in 2011, the low point of the poll’s findings for self-reported gun ownership.

The United States Census Bureau estimates there are 249,454,440 adults currently living in America. If the Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey is accurate, that equates to 119,738,131 Americans with a gun in their home.

Stephen Gutowski
September 12, 2017
Poll: More Americans Have a Gun in Home Than Ever Before
Nearly 120 million Americans have a firearm in the home

[H/T SayUncle.

This is almost for certain a lower bound on the estimate. As the NRA says in regard to the same poll:

Polling data on gun ownership rates is inherently suspect. Gun ownership is a personal decision, and given the politically-charged nature of the topic and government efforts to restrict gun rights, some gun owners are reluctant to share this personal information with strangers. This could result in polling that underreports gun ownership. Other research further suggests that female spouses living in gun-owning households tend to underreport firearm ownership.

We are winning the war on guns. Keep taking new shooters to the range.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stephen Gutowski

  1. That so many more people are now willing to tell a cold-calling anonymous pollster that there are guns in their house is either a win for the pro-gun-rights side, or a side effect of popularity of social media.

    I’m going with the glass being half full, or maybe the magazine being half loaded, that people are more open about gun ownership now because they don’t fear social backlash from the idiot side of the political spectrum any more.

  2. There are so many different claims, I am not sure who is lying and who isn’t. The Washington Post claims that there are 55 million people who own 265 million firearms in the US. I KNOW that is not right, because there have been 269 million NICS checks performed in just the last 20 years. Florida alone has nearly 2 million people with concealed weapons permits. 1 in 10 Florida adults have a concealed weapons permit.
    Those are all facts. They are verifiable, and don’t rely on surveys, math formulas, or statistical analysis, and are thus not susceptible to manipulation for political reasons or to fit an agenda.
    All I know is that the estimate was that there were 300 million guns in the US. I think that number is far too small. My opinion is that there are probably over 500 million guns in this country.

  3. Think of the reaction to a poll on guns, when there’s an anti-American socialist in office, as if it were a poll on the number of homosexuals in 1955 in the Dixie-Democrat, KKK South, the Grand Cyclops is the sheriff, his best friend is the local judge, and their mutual cousin is the state governor.

    When there is an organized, active movement to violate the second amendment, and they’re not being prosecuted because politicians in high office are among the chief conspirators, and they’ve already murdered people and gotten away with it, you Progressives out there think we’re all going to cooperate with you?

    The mere thought is ludicrous.

    Further; no one but a Progressive (one with the Central Planner mental disease) would feel compelled to gather such statistics. The authoritarian mind (that being the criminal mind) wants to know things that are none of its business, so it can later use that information, it hopes, to acquire more power and control, or any advantage over others. It will gather information today, and figure out how to use it for its purposes tomorrow. It’s a creeping evil.

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