Quote of the day—Mark Prichard

You know how liberals are going to solve the Republican problem? … They are going to get better aim. That last guy tried, but he needed better aim. We will get better aim.

Mark Prichard
July 6, 2017
Police arrest man for allegedly threatening Sen. Flake’s staff
[“The Republican problem”?

Hmmm… I see.

As always, liberals channel Trotsky and think like Goebbels.—Joe]


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  1. the shit head wants a little tussle? he’s quite likely to get more tussle than he anticipated. arrogant shit.

    john jay

  2. “Scalise and four others were hurt when a gunman opened fire on a GOP baseball practice in Virginia on June 14.” (FOX)

    Not the typical term the MSM uses when there are injuries in a shooting.

  3. But if the problem were reversed, it would be a very short war.
    Most of the rural part of western states are heavily conservative. Not a lot lot of liberal targets. In the cities, there are not a lot of conservative targets. In the ‘burbs, the fringes, the swing-vote districts, the “nice places to live” where left and right are closely co-mingled, where the action would all be.

    I do find it fascinating how the left endlessly predicts right-wing violence, while endlessly poking the bear trying to provoke it by committing acts of violence. But if you resort to violence too early, you’re a nut, a kook, a violent person used to “represent” everyone who the media doesn’t agree with. If you resort to violence too late, well, it’s too late. Timing is everything. Look at the American revolution – England wanted to cut its losses because of other war involvement. Look at Islam’s explosion out of the ME – the two super-powers of the day, Rome and Persia, had just been devastated by a major plague that swept through and killed 1/4 to 1/2 of the population of each empire, AND a decade-long war with each other.

    But the left’s desire to kill the little boy how loudly proclaimed the emperor had no clothes, and everyone who agrees with him, will not clothe the emperor. Reality is what it is.

  4. Let’s take a closer look at this term, “Republican problem”.

    The United States was founded as a republic. Not a democracy, not a socialist democracy, not a monarch or a small clique of rulers exercising totalitarian control over the masses. A Republican is one who, ostensibly at least, adheres to the republican form of government.

    The republican form of government is, essentially, a Biblical model. It comes from the Jewish (and later, Christian [all Christians are Jews because Jesus is the apex Jew]) tradition. Thus it can be credibly argued that the U.S. is in fact a Judeao/Christian institution, at least in form if not by intent. Therefore when someone decries the “Republican problem”, that person is reverberating with the anti-constitutional, Progressive Marxist, Fabian Socialist, Eugenicist, KKK, Nazi sentiment.

    I would say that its choice of words (copying the Nazis’ talk of the “Jewish Problem”) is a chilling repeat of history, but that history never went away. It never stopped. That history has been the present all along. It’s a continuation then, not a repeat.

    Now if, on the other hand, one is discussing the “Republican problem” for what it really is (the failure of the Republican Party leadership to bravely and consistently uphold and adhere to its American founding principles) then that criticism would be a good and proper thing. The Republican Party, to the extent that it is a problem, is a problem because it has largely gone over to the Progressive way, or has otherwise been appeasing and placating the Progressive, criminal class. To the extent that it ever had one, the Republican Party has lost its way.

    And so it is that we must be very clear when discussing these sorts of things. Yes; Republicans do, in fact, suck. They are a problem.

    Now; WHY? Do they suck because they’re essentially collectivist authoritarians, or do they suck because they’re not collectivist authoritarian enough? When people bitch about politics without making this distinction, you know they’re either blind or evil, or both. Most of time a leftist criticizes Republicans, he means that they’re using the coercive power in ways he disagrees with (they should be using their coercive power, the Iron Fist, in different ways).

    I say that the main reason Republicans are hated (by either side) is that they espouse (sort of) the American Principles of Liberty but through their actions they demonstrate that they either don’t mean it, or don’t understand it, or don’t care because they’ve been bought off or intimidated or they’re just playing a cynical game. No one likes a wish-washy, flabby pussy coward who regularly sneaks with his fingers into the cookie jar while espousing virtue, especially the ones we’re supporting at great expense.

    If the Republican Party held true to the American principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence, the Forces of Darkness (the left) would hate them of course but would on some level at least respect them. There would indeed be that “standard on the hill” to which we could retire in times of uncertainty.

    As it is, we just have shit, shit from the right and shit from the left, and so we cannot be too critical of those who see the Republican Party as a “problem”. We’ve been saying that ourselves, and it’s true. We just have to understand the nature of that problem, or understand why it is that we or others think of it as a problem.

    • True, but how many Constitutionalist Republicans really see the problem as too few funerals of collectivist (r)’s in the Dr. Semmelweiss model where once the old disbelievers die off the new idea will take hold like a new religion (although I do hope the younger millennials with their alleged “leave me alone” attitude towards government manage to keep that attitude through post-secondary indoctrination).

    • Let’s make sure we remember the Jewish response…”Never Again!” as our political opponents seek to ratchet up the violence.

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