Resistance is futile

I am in the process of renewing my ATF license to manufacture high explosives. For some reason I can’t find anywhere in the U.S. Constitution where the Federal government has been granted the power to regulate the manufacture and consumption of explosives entirely on my property, entirely within the state of Idaho.

So, in keeping with the current “resist” political theme of the last few months, I’m bravely sending the renewal form to the ATF with a “Freedom Forever” stamp.


I suspect no one at the ATF will perceive the irony and my resistance will be futile.


6 thoughts on “Resistance is futile

  1. Yes, well of course true resistance would be telling them to go pound sand, that they have no authority beyond the threats and brute force of criminals.

    Life, fortune, sacred honor and all. Not that I’m recommending it, but that’s what some folks did back in 1776; they thumbed their noses at the most powerful nation, arguably, in world history up to that time. Many of them faired poorly in the ensuing years, but the whole world took notice and has not been quite the same since.

    Hmm; the Idaho legislature passed a law regarding what we refer to as NFA weapons, and others, which states that a firearm made in Idaho, and staying in Idaho, is not subject to federal restrictions. Could that be interpreted to extend to explosives? I’ll say yes. We just need clarification, and then some backing (meaning police protection), from the State.

    If it’s not subject to federal interference, according to state law, then by extension it is the state’s responsibility to back that declaration with meaningful enforcement. Therefore, if the feds kill you, you can then sue the state for failing to enforce their own law. So no problem.

    • “[T]he whole world took notice and has not been quite the same since.”
      The anti-liberty forces of evil have been working on that problem ever since.

  2. I’m pretty sure the US Post Office is going to mark that stamp “Canceled”. Read that how you will.

  3. Some of the more delicate types at the agency may elect to not view your correspondence and therefore have now chosen to stay in their break rooms for an extended period, renaming such area to be their “safe space”…
    You may have just single handedly shut down or delayed the NFA process for another 7-12 months…

  4. Well it is a usps (government) issued stamp. Therefore there’s not a lot they could read into it.

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