Overheard at the office

From the office today:

Greg: A woman asked me to kill a spider. I told her no. It was here first. She told me it was her or the spider.

Josh: The spider is still in his house. It has taken over the bathroom. The entire bathroom is filled with webs and it lives in the skylight.

Greg: I don’t respond well to ultimatums.

This story has been told more than once. Caity’s version is:

Josh: So, Greg was dating a woman. She found a spider in the bathroom and asked that Greg kill it. He said no.  She said, it’s me or the spider.

Well, the spider was there first.

Yea, I’ve met the spider. It lives in the skylight.

I don’t do well with ultimatums.

Brett’s version involves a discussion of the hotness of the woman and the attitude of the spider versus the attitude of woman. It turns out that the woman was “hot” but the attitude of the spider won out overall.


3 thoughts on “Overheard at the office

  1. friends:
    women are sometimes problematic: that is a given. still in all, you cannot cuddle up to a spider, and spiders provide no nookie.
    in my world, the spider is a goner.
    it has nothing to do with values and aesthetics. it has solely to do w/ keeping junior happy.
    simple & straightforward as that.
    john jay

  2. Well in that discussion there was a mention between hotness and personality, and according to Greg, there are a ton of hot women with shitty personalities and they are easy enough not to warrant such considerations, its the hot women with great personalities that you have to make considerations for, because they’re alot harder to find…..

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