Dr. Joe’s Cure boosts brain power

The study is small and I’m concerned about which is cause and which is effect but one could conclude that Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything boosts brain power:

Having lots of sex when you get older boosts brain power, scientists have discovered, with people who have regular sexual relations scoring better on verbal, visual and spatial perception tests.

A team of researchers from the universities of Oxford and Coventry, U.K., carried out a study on 28 men and 45 women aged between 50 and 83. The participants were asked about their sex lives, including how often, on average, they had had intercourse over the last 12 months. Answers included never, monthly and weekly.

They were also asked questions about their general health and lifestyle, and undertook a test that measured their brain function. This test assessed attention, memory, fluency, language and visual and special abilities. For example, for the verbal test they were asked to name as many animals possible in 60 seconds.

The original paper is Frequent Sexual Activity Predicts Specific Cognitive Abilities in Older Adults.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Joe’s Cure boosts brain power

  1. Joe,
    I agree that sex is good for you, and in fact yesterday evening at a cancer conference, the urologists agreed that more ejaculations reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
    But the referenced study may simple agree with the fact that healthier people have more sex.

  2. Err; I think Robert M has the right attitude. The more intelligent, more well-adjusted, more rational, functional and healthy person is more likely to have access to a regular sex partner than a dysfunctional, dull, deluded person with bad health, AND the healthy person will tend to have more sex drive.

    Cart, horse. Some assembly required.

    My wife for example cracked a bone in her foot. It was swollen and discolored. Someone at a spa sold her some salve, which I massaged into the foot for her. Her foot later got better. She claimed that the salve was to credit for her foot’s improvement. A + b = c, right? Proof? “No” I told her; it could only have been the large number of fresh-picked oysters we were eating that weekend.

    Disagree? OK, then it had to be the home made ice cream I gave her. Thus, home made ice cream will cure anything. It is proved. The science is settled.

    Well, that, or the human body is capable of repairing itself. One or the other.

    I offered to dance in a circle, around a fire, at night, with a rattle, chanting, the next time she had an injury, because I know for certain that she’ll get better after that (Hey; maybe I should become a politician, then I could take credit for the sun rising and setting and claim that my opponents want the Earth to go dark and freeze).

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