Quote of the day—Kevin Imel

If you are good enough shooter to shoot a perfect double then you are a good enough shooter to put them a little bit apart.

Kevin Imel
USPSA NROI Range Instructor
June 3, 2017
[This was at the range officer class I was taking a couple weeks ago.

“A double” at a USPSA match is two bullet which created a single hole (which may be oblong in shape). “A perfect double” is two bullets which created a hole which is a perfect circle.

A shooter will get credit for two (or more) shots which are distinguishable but not if they are indistinguishable (a perfect double).—Joe]


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  1. I recall a story from decades ago about a high-ranked IPSC shooter forced to shoot a store robber who was threatening people with a gun. Three shots from about 5 yards, 1″ equilateral triangle, center of chest, compliments from the police on his grouping.

    Of course, the target was moving at the time, which explains the spread of the shots.

  2. Didn’t this situation cost General Patton a medal in the 1912 Olympics? Because one bullet may have made a perfect double (as opposed to a complete miss of the entire paper target and backing) he was ranked fifth.

  3. This might have been an Ayoob writeup, but there was an officer that put multiple shots in the same bullet track, like three or four. Didn’t stop the perp, who proceeded to kill the cop.

    IIRC, he was shooting at a shirt button, which they found at the end of the track. Autopsy of the eventually dead perp found them stacked nose to tail.

    The takeaway seems to be, if you can see a bullet hole, don’t aim at it, as the original didn’t do anything useful. Also, shoot faster, as this level of precision indicates you are wasting time.

  4. I’ve seen some pretty close doubles as a range officer. But it’s usually an accident. There simply isn’t enough time to be that precise.

  5. I shot a pretty nice double on a head shot at a tactical rifle match on Saturday.
    If the RO had called 5 down I would have been fine with the call.
    Why you ask?

    Range lawyers are why I don’t SO anymore for IDPA.

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