4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—MB @NitramBeaulieu

  1. Bigotry, in a form of misandry. It’s typical leftist hate– When devoid of a principled argument, launch straight into the ad hominem attack as a substitute for cleverness and righteousness.

    The comeback I suppose is that principles, or a fixed ideal of right and wrong, is a weapon of oppression wielded by the old-guard white patriarchs against everyone else. The result is that the more reasoned, the more principled and grounded in truth your argument, the more wrong it will be perceived.

    When principles and reason have been rejected by one side in an argument, is there anything left but brute force to decide the outcome? That’s posed in the form of a question because I don’t know.

    • Yes, the threat of a resounding defeat should violence be used. Or in different words “peace through superior firepower”. So long as they fear losing the physical confrontation their objections will be kept to impotent rantings. It is only when they feel confident of victory does the violence become unavoidable.

  2. My answer to that has always been ‘yes, this morning when
    I got up. It was standing straight out, saluting as I went to let the pressure off.’ You’d have to see me, stomach all out over my belt and nearly dragging the ground to understand that answer.

  3. The proper middle school response should be “Well, duh! Of course, I can’t see it when its in your mom!” Sorry, I could not resist.

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