Wanted: Million Mom March Media Kit From 2000

2000 Logo of Million Misinformed Mom March Attempted Gun GrabCalling all Internet Wayback Gun Rights History Nerds:

In the spring of 2000, Million Mom March (an extension of Brady Gun Control & Co.) published a media kit on their website, MillionMomMarch.org.

The kit contained talking points for even organizers, fact sheets (wrong, of course), and other guidelines. Most notable was a clear warning to never debate pro-gun opponents.

The Million Mom March took place on May 14, 2000. Unsurprisingly, a million people did not showup. Not even close.

I used to have a copy of their 2000 media kit (maybe it was called an “organizer kit” or something like that)  on my computer waaayback, but that’s long gone. Can someone out there dredge up their media packet from ages ago? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Heston? Bueller?



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    • Oh, lovely. Rule #1 (page 10): “Always focus on emotional and value-driven arguments about gun violence…”.

      A few pages later: “It’s effective to emphasize that the vast majority of NRA members are law-abiding gun owners who agree with common sense laws to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people — it’s the NRA officials and lobbyists that are the problem.” And here I thought that it’s the NRA officials who tend to go squishy on gun rights, while the members are more principled.

      Then there’s a nice bit of terminology (page 49) “Shoot First laws”.

      • I’m not a member of the NRA. But reading the .pdf makes we wanna join the NRA, thanks to the guys who prepared the document:

    • Ooooooh, yes, I remember The Bell Campaign. They had a presence in Chicago, too. I attended at least one of their “town halls” or a meeting or something. I went to represent pro-gunners pro-self-defense side of logic.

      And I remember the funny business with Bell –> MMM –> Brady Bunch, etc. I think there was some funny business with Children’s Memorial Hospital (Chicago) housing MMM office at the hospital’s Violent Injury Prevention Clinic… which was more like Exploit-Survivors-of-Cabrini-Green-Clinic, but I digress.

      There’s so much shadiness behind the funding of gun grabbers. It’s hard to keep up with their ever-morphing names.

      • Children’s Memorial Hospital (Chicago) is now called “Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago”.

        They make money by taking care of sick kids, then receiving insurance reimbursements.

        Yet the hospital has all this community involvement w/ gun-grabber groups like Strengthening Chicago’s Youth. Wonder who funds that.


        (Btw, I used to work at Children’s Memorial Hospital in the Public Relations Dept. Their manipulation of the Columbine Shooting (or other shootings) stunned me. New releases crammed with innaccurate stats = lies. As you can imagine, that’s one of the many reasons I left my position. They’d also craft quotes into news releases from this one doctor — I think her name was “Dr. Sheehan” (?) — who, at the time, was quite vocal about gun-grabbing.)

        Same people. Same organizations. Different names, ever-morphing.

  1. Thanks, Paul, We’erd, n’ WallPhone. All great stuff.

    I’m still looking for a kit or guide or something of the sort. Maybe I’d signed up in their website to host a MMM in Chicago (knowing very well I’d organize pro-gun side instead), and perhaps from that sign-up, they may’ve given me a link to the packet.

    Long story short, thanks for the above links. Excellent material for other projects.

    Much appreciated.

  2. Something everyone should remember: The Million Mom March was created and controlled by the Clinton White House.

    The “founder” was Donna Dees-Thomases, sister-in-law to Hillary Clinton’s personal lawyer and adviser Susan Thomases. Dees-Thomases was also a public relations professional, having worked for David Letterman and Dan Rather (and thus knew who to talk to and how to get airtime).

    Between October 1999 and May 2000, they built up a “grass roots” organization and they had quite an impressive showing on Mother’s Day, 2000. Of course it didn’t hurt that Richmond, VA mayor Tim Kaine, who would become Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, used $6,000 of public funds to pay for bus tickets for those attending the MMM. He had to pay that money back. Well, *HE* didn’t, he got other people to pay for it.

    The Million Mom March was initially organized as a 501(c)(3) organization which makes them tax exempt, but it also forbids them from engaging directly in politics. Before they set up a political sister organization, they endorsed political candidates and proposed laws in violation of that tax exempt status.

    But the IRS really didn’t have a chance to come down on them: On January 20th, 2001, Bill and Hillary vacated the White House. On March 9th, 2001, less than 2 months later, the Million Mom March laid off over 80% of its staff (30 of 35 paid employees).

    On Mother’s Day in May 2001, barely 200 people showed up to their protest.

    In October of 2001, the Million Mom March was completely subsumed by the Brady Campaign. In effect, it was merely a hollow, empty trademark that the Brady Campaign acquired.

    The only conclusion one can draw from those facts is that the Million Mom March was a front organization controlled by Hillary Clinton using government resources, and when those resources dried up, the so-called “grass roots movement” collapsed into nothing in an astonishingly rapid manner.

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