Quote of the day—ren

10 shots in 3 seconds from a 6 caliber magazine revolver.

That is a ghost gun.

April 18, 2017
Post to “…gunman fired 10 shots before stopping to reload his six-shot revolver…”
[Mocking the ignorance of the anti-gun crowd can be quite entertaining. Just don’t forget that it is mostly entertainment. Taking a new shooter to the range is more productive in the long term.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—ren

    • Well, you see, he’s really a sooper-genus using the artillary meaning of “caliber,” or “L”, which is the barrel-length multiple of the bore diameter. A “five-inch caliber 50″ gun has a barrel that is (5″x50=20′ 1” long, so a “.38 6-caliber” would be a 2.25″ snubbie.

      Or, more likely, just morons.

  1. I should have watched the whole video. He had a .22 barrel but no conversion units for .22rf. None the less I have never heard of a 6 caliber revolver.

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