Quote of the day—David Hardy

What we’re seeing is a long term trend as Americans rediscover their love of guns and shooting. This is catastrophic for the antigun movement.

David Hardy
June 5, 2017
Additional confirmation of a theory
[At the USPSA range officer class last weekend a data point was mentioned that supports this view. The observation was made that local USPSA matches have a lot of people in them. The last match I was at (May 21st USPSA match at the Marysville Rifle Club) had 108 shooters.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Hardy

  1. We’ve had to cap our local club matches, we simply don’t have enough bays to add more shooters. Plans to build more bays are in place.

  2. I stopped shooting IPSC/USPSA several years ago, when the number of participants got so high that you’d spend an entire Saturday to shoot four stages – 1-2 minutes of trigger time didn’t strike me as a good return on a full-day investment!

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