Doing it outside the bedroom

This graph below shows the percentage of people who have had sex in different places outside the bedroom. This is from the UK so things may be different in the US:


I’m a little surprised a car comes in at fourth place. But that may be a US bias. And a green house? How many people even have access to green houses in the US? It can’t be 37%. Are green houses rather common in the UK?


12 thoughts on “Doing it outside the bedroom

  1. The growing climate there is much shorter on account of being at the same latitude as Newfoundland, so I would imagine greenhouses are more common there than here.

    • Also remember Brits are garden nuts, so greenhouses (especially small ones) are quite common. Not quite so much in Holland but still a lot more than here.

  2. I call BS on 11% in an airplane. Perhaps a little touch and tickle but certainly not Clinton definition sex.

    • Bear in mind that they fly more often than Americans do, so more opportunity to attempt it.

  3. Was that in the washing machine or on the washing machine. If in, I assume that it is the spin cycle.

    • Most likely on, or against, the machine, during spin. An unbalanced load works best, or so I’ve heard.

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  5. I seem to recall seeing lots of small greenhouses in England, all situated in tiny backyards. Like Jonathan says, a short season.

    Hey, wait – isn’t that Geographical Appropriation?

    • It most certainly is imperialistic appropriation of the flora of other nations.

  6. The lack of driers in Britain, and the prevalence of driers in the US, is apparent immediately from a glance at the data.

    • If there were the US I would wonder why parks, national forests, golf courses (late at night), backyards, remote fields, the outdoors in general, etc. aren’t on the list.

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