Political correctness over substance


A National Rifle Association lobbyist is telling a Wisconsin legislative committee that guns were a great equalizer for “the blacks.”

Scott Meyer appeared before the state Senate’s judiciary committee during a public hearing on a Republican bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons without permits or training. The NRA supports the measure.

Meyer told the committee that the cost of training can prevent minorities from obtaining concealed carry licenses, adding that guns were one of the great equalizers for “the blacks” after emancipation.

Sen. Lena Taylor, a Milwaukee Democrat who is black, chastised Meyer. She told him calling African-Americans “the blacks” doesn’t help cultural diversity.

What matters to Democrats is whatever the politically correct rule of the day is rather than the substance of what someone has to say or is doing.

I’m not surprised she does this. The left has used political correctness a tool for divisiveness and oppression since at least since the days of Stalin.

I have a message for Sen. Lena Taylor. It doesn’t help you or the people you care about when you attack people trying to make your life better. These types of attacks are big part of the reason the Democrats have been losing elections and we have President Trump. He was, and is, willing to stand up to your B.S. and call you out it.


4 thoughts on “Political correctness over substance

  1. “It doesn’t help you or the people you care about when you attack people trying to make your life better”. Not quite. She doesn’t care about those people. She uses them for her own political purposes, but actually helping them isn’t part of the agenda. For one thing, if they actually were helped, they might no longer need her, and then where would she be? Having to look for a real job, perish the thought…

  2. Her remark is from the same sort of diseased minds that criticized the leader of the team that landed a spaceship on a comet 60 million miles away because the shirt he wore depicted busty but clothed kickass women.

    • She criticized him for using the word blacks because she could not refute his main point and had to attack him for an extremely minor point. I think it would have to be 100 times bigger to amount to a peccadillo. She like all leftists criticize anything and everything if they think it can advance the totalitarian cause.

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