A sex calculator

For people obsessed with knowing whether they are “normal” here is a sex calculator to compare yourself to others in how frequently you have sex.

Dr. Joe’s advice is to have sex as often as it is enjoyable and legal for everyone involved and forget about what other people might or might not be doing.


One thought on “A sex calculator

  1. I have no desire to be “normal”, nor to be thought of as “normal”, nor do I wish to rebel against “normality”.

    Also; “enjoyable and legal for everyone involved” doesn’t necessarily make it right, or good. How about “enjoyable, legal, moral, and good in the long term for everyone involved” then? That’s a rather different standard isn’t it?

    My son’s friend had some $20K in credit card debt, then took out a second mortgage to consolidate it, and then bought his “partner” a brand new Prius, adding another $20K to the overall debt. That’s just one example of how the desire for sex could be said to result in more pain and long term suffering than many realize.

    In that case my advice would be; go fuck yourself (literally), and stay out of debt. You’ll be glad you did.

    I won’t delve into the issue of un-wanted pregnancy and the many and various horrors that result.

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