It’s common sense

From Justin J. Miller:

The Netherlands doesn’t just have legal prostitution—they also have government-subsidized prostitution for certain segments of the population. Specifically, disabled citizens are eligible to receive government assistance to hire sex workers. Why? Because sex is seen as a right—something that everyone who wants to participate in should be able to enjoy. Also, it’s something that’s seen as good for people’s mental and physical health.

Since Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything is known to improve your health it’s not surprising that government run health care pays for it. It’s common sense.

<sarcasm>Can we get this added to the replacement for Obamacare? Maybe there would be less resistance to changing Obamacare. The Europeans are doing it. Doesn’t that mean we should do it too?</sarcasm>


5 thoughts on “It’s common sense

  1. When a minimum wage, or a minimum income, etc., is seen as a right, then someone must be forced to provide it. “Art” that no one wants to pay for, must likewise be subsidized, meaning that someone must be forced to pay for art they wouldn’t otherwise pay for.

    If sex (with another person) is seen as a right, does that mean we’re headed toward government imposed sex slavery? That’s the direction we’re headed. Eventually it will be seen as “social justice” when you’re forced to have sex with those you find least appealing.

  2. “American” feminists would never allow it. They would view it as disfavorably as they view Obamacare paying to remedy non-functionality (e.g. Viagra) but not desired non-functionality (contraceptives).*

    *It’s the only thing I can think of as an explanation. Every other area of government redistribution is structured to eliminate anti-feminist sexism even where it hardly exists, I can’t see this part of Obamacare as an exception.

  3. Prostitution and drugs are the source of money to the inner city gangs. Money is how the gangs recruit young boys to join up.

    If we discount the violence directly associated with the gangs violent crime in America drops to statistical noise.

    So I see a lot of benefits to this.

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