Dr. Joe’s Cure improves self-esteem

I’ve posted about the numerous benefits of Dr. Joe’s Cure for everything many times. But this set of benefits contains something new:

Research published in Social Psychology and Personality Science found that among college students, those who enjoyed casual sex reported higher well-being and self-esteem levels, compared with students who did not have casual sex.

Interesting. For years it was said that those who engaged in casual sex had low self-esteem and that casual sex, at best, offered a temporary boost and worsening of self-esteem in the long term.

More research may be needed. And perhaps the research should be done for all age ranges.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Joe’s Cure improves self-esteem

  1. Alas the higher well-being and self-esteem levels achieved with casual sex only last until your wife catches you at it.

    • And you have firsthand knowledge of this? Maybe you and your wife should have gotten your esteem boosted at the same time by inviting a third or another couple. 🙂

  2. Of all the possible goals in life, self esteem is pretty low on the value scale. I am reminded of your linking to studies which suggest an inverse relationship between ability and self esteem.

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