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  1. That’s conflating accidental deaths with intentional deaths; a bad idea. If you’re going to include accidents, there are some surprisingly high numbers under falls and drownings, to name but two. Then again, if you’re going to limit the numbers to accidental deaths, the total firearms number is extremely low (a few hundred in a year, last I checked, and falling). If you’re going to limit the numbers to intentional deaths, then you’d include only those traffic deaths resulting from vehicular homicide.

    Stuff like that. Either we’re discussing accidents or we’re discussing intentional deaths, OR we’re only discussing actual murder. None of those is the same thing as any other.

    However, there is a major problem with all of this;
    Although the numbers expose the extreme hypocrisy of the authoritarians (who claim to care very deeply but don’t seem to bother themselves with the facts they claim to care about), the numbers themselves have nothing to do with the matter of unalienable human rights.

    The authoritarians have an agenda, which is to extract more power, money, control and impunity, at our expense. The statistics reveal their hypocrisy, which may be useful for the un-principled, as a guide to help them understand the situation. If we understood the underlying principles however, we’d need no such proof of the hypocrisy. The mere attempt to acquire coercive power would speak for itself as a criminal act, regardless of the daily excuses, selling points, obfuscations or rationalizations fed to us by the perpetrators.

    And so it is that we’re all pretending that the second amendment does not exist, for if it did exist, the only action required in the case of a violation would be prosecution. That we treat the situation as a political one (requiring lobbying, campaigning and convincing) rather than a legal one, is to ignore the violation of the Supreme Law of the Land. We then take other, less effective measures, leaving the elephant in the living room, so to speak, for future generations to address . Does this not make us as guilty as the perpetrators? We’re all ignoring the law.

  2. This is flawed. It implies that military-style semi-automatic rifles have been used in eighteen mass shooting events, which suggests that the number of dead is higher. In actuality the number of people killed by such firearms is included in the total (453) for the so-called “sporting” style rifle shown.

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