Quote of the day—John Morse

Cleansing a sickness from our souls doesn’t come easy. It’s gruesome…

John Morse
Colorado Democratic Legislator
March 8, 2013
In the context of advocating for the passage of oppressive gun laws.
[This has been widely, and erroneously, quoted as:

People who own guns are essentially a “sickness on our souls” that must be “cleansed. … Cleansing a sickness from our souls doesn’t come easy. It’s gruesome…”

While that could seen to be a valid interpretation of his intent, that is not what he said. He claims,

“To insinuate that I referred to gun owners as a ‘sickness from our souls’ is obscene,” Morse said Tuesday, according to KDVR. “As a former police officer and a gun owner myself, I believe in the right to bear arms. And as a legislator, I am committed to making our whole society healthier and safer.”

The claim, “I believe in the right to bear arms” does not mean he respects the right. And from the context we know he is admitting that that he is intent on knowingly attempting to violate that right.

While we can’t definitely read his mind the erroneous version of the quote can’t be far from the truth of what he believes.—Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Morse

  1. Why do we elect such traitorous and disloyal unAmerican scum? Upon his taking of the oath of office I expected for him to burst into flames. What an evil turd.

    • people vote for him because feelz, because he promises free stuff, because they are ignorant of history and human nature, because they are delusional, and because they think the Rs are evil. Other reasons, too, but those are the main ones.

  2. He’s as delusional as they come, regardless of what he really meant by “cleansing” society.

    Let’s count some of his delusions;

    1. The conflation of the unalienable human right to bear arms, with the criminal use of guns (similar to believing that car salesmen and highway construction workers are promoting drunk driving and vehicular homicide).
    2. Criminals will obey the laws (make it illegal, and the criminals will stop doing it).
    3. Disarming the law abiding makes society safer.
    4. It is his job as a law maker to mold, shape, direct, and even “spiritually cleanse” society, as opposed to upholding and protecting the rights of the sovereign individual.

    I do not however for a minute believe that he really believes these things (other than number four, which he probably does believe, and that would make him a run-of-the-mill authoritarian).

    I can see him wanting to be a king, essentially, but to keep a straight face while asserting numbers one through three I say he’s either hypnotized, or he’s knowingly play-acting. Which is worse, or which makes him more dangerous, who knows? I say it doesn’t matter; he’s unfit for public service either way, and either way he belongs behind bars for having falsely taken the Oath.

    Someone else can do a full psych analysis for the purpose of his sentencing hearing, but the important thing is to get such people out of office before they can do any more damage to the rights and security of their constituencies.

    • they do exist, mainly for semiauto rifles, but tend to be novelty items due to the weight and bulk. google for “drum magazine” if you’re interested enough. (outside of having a particularly long day plinking at the range, i can’t really imagine what they’d actually be good for.)

      • Yes, I’ve seen them in Oleg Volk photography. I meant to comment on his claim that they are tools of mass shooters, which is false. Then again, since that’s the claim made for AR-15s and AK47s (where it is almost entirely false but not quite), it’s not surprising that he would invent such a story.

        • Most of the non-military issued drum mags tend to be less than reliable.
          The movie theater shooter was reported to have used one that caused enough problems with his rifle that he was much less effective than would be expected. IIRC, it may have been the reason he exited the side door in the middle of his attack.

          • American SAWs use belted ammo, whereas the Russian RPK uses a 75 round drum, which happens to work also in regular AK-47s and AKMs. So it’s common enough in that sphere.

  3. His opening sentence was a bald-faced lie, and it went downhill from there. Oh well, what can one expect of a politician any more, except lies? There is a reason he was ousted from the state senate. The shame of it is, it shouldn’t have stopped with him, but should have gone all the way up to the governor’s office, since he signed that odious piece of legislation.

  4. He was a former police chief.

    The good news is that he was recalled from office.

      • Doesn’t sound like that was a good outcome. Punted out of a role where he had limited ability to do harm to being able to vote away your rights. Devil’s advocate in me says you lost out on that deal. Better an ineffectual police chief than an authoritarian with his hands pulling the levers of power.

        • He was recalled from the legislature. Not sure you can recall a police chief but it wasn’t an issue here.

      • “…we punted his ass out of office.”

        A resume’ enhancement among the left.

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