Knife crime

If there were no guns then there would be few murders, right? How would people murder others if they didn’t have a gun, right?


A teenage boy has been stabbed to death in an east London high street, becoming the 11th person to die from knife crime on the capital’s streets in just two weeks.

Police and paramedics were scrambled to the High Street in Walthamstow late on Sunday night, where they found the 17-year-old suffering from a serious stab wound.

He was rushed to an east London hospital in critical condition where he died a short while later, Scotland Yard said.

The Walthamstow murder also came just hours after hundreds of protestors took to London’s streets for a peace rally on Sunday.

Demonstrators including families of knife murder victims held banners reading “enough is enough” as they marched from Islington to Hackney amid a growing outcry over knife and gun crime.

Scroll down to see the video of their knife crime protest march.

Remember this. Those who want “common sense gun laws” will never be satisfied. If they are successful banning guns they will come after knives, chemical sprays, sticks, and rocks. These people have mental issues.

Just say no and refer them to a mental health expert.


2 thoughts on “Knife crime

  1. The real beauty of a firearm is that it is the ultimate equalizer. The frail little old lady can deter or stop a 230 pound, drug-fueled, enraged former state prison inmate. It also works with muslim terrorists using a vehicle as a murder weapon. It also can stop an antifa with a Molotov cocktail before they can throw it. It can persuade a lynch mob trying to break into your vehicle to disperse.

    They are really useful and the total pussies in England need to wake up when the muslims are bold enough to behead soldiers in broad daylight. Try that in Texas!

    • When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns. That, therefore, is the purpose and goal of gun restrictions. QED.

      What the duped think about it is irrelevant. They don’t call the shots. They believe what their masters tell them to believe, or they pretend to believe what they’re paid to pretend to believe. It doesn’t matter.

      “The real beauty of a firearm is that it is the ultimate equalizer.”

      To YOU that’s the beauty of it. To the Alliance of the Dark Side, to the criminal class and those who are emotionally bonded to them, to those who seek coercive power over others, to those who are motivated by hate and call it love, that’s the whole problem with guns.

      The honest, principled, creative, productive, wealth creating, law abiding citizen is the enemy, and the right to bear arms greatly favors him over the criminal class. That is not fair. It is not equitable. It is Social Injustice. Therefore none of your logic is valid. They’ve already told us; “Reason is a weapon of oppression”.

      Worse yet; If the strong can take care, not only of themselves but of others, and if they can serve as an example to others to do the same, then there’s no need for a multi-trillion dollar bureaucracy. Nothing brings into sharp relief that concept of individual strength and responsibility better than the right to keep and bear arms. Thus the very thought of it is at the same time a personal insult, blasphemy against “authority”, and an existential threat to the bureaucratic, Central Planning, Progressive Marxist mindset (which is also the criminal mindset – never forget it).

      Bureaucrats, and the more common criminals, will always be opposed to the second amendment, no matter what. Therefore it is futile to attempt to convert them using the logic that favors their worst enemies (the principled, the honest, the good, the strong, and the self sufficient).

      Rather they must be kept in check by force. So long as we have any semblance of a justice system then, those people must be prosecuted. Otherwise we’ll be led down the path to their ultimate goal; our having been reduced to the choice between killing them, being killed by them, or being their slaves.

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