I suppose the brass is good.

At Boomershoot this year someone gave me several boxes of assorted .40 S&W ammo (562 rounds) and told me to appraise them and give them credit for Boomershoot 2018. In the collection was this:



$9.00 for five rounds? What does a box of 20 sell for these days without all the fancy packaging? Oh. $62. No thank you.

As an engineer I’m frequently annoyed that crappy products in the hands of the “right” marketing and sales people can be a success. And furthermore that marketing and sales people can get away with outlandish claims. At the face of it this appears to be one of those instances.

A quick Internet search indicates my hunch that the claims exceed the function is correct:

.40 “EXTREME SHOCK” Ammo Gel Test and The Box O’ Truth #23 – ExtremeShock Ammo and the Box O’ Truth.

But my favorite find of the search is a description of how the bullets are made:

They’re, in fact, made up of a special compound derived from Chuck Norris’ beard hair. The hairs are ground into a special powder and mixed into a paste with Jack Bauer’s tears. The paste is then forced into molds of bullets created from the bones of John Wayne. The molds are super heated, then rapidly cooled by the cold stare of Clint Eastwood.
It was on “How it’s Made”…

Well, I suppose the brass is good and I can reload it.


5 thoughts on “I suppose the brass is good.

  1. Sell it on gunbroker to someone who thinks it’s worth $3/rd.

    • So… I would get $30.00 (I have two packages of five) and participate in a fraud?

      Nah. I think I’ll just put it with my collection of novelty ammo (such as the zombie ammo I bought a few years ago).

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Haven’t seen card packaging like that since I was a kid, getting Star Wars figures.

    That’s hilarious.

  3. That bullet construction description is gold. I wish I could like that.

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