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Most of the people who don’t like guns only don’t because they’ve developed a pathology of discomfort around the idea of them.

It seems to come down to their understanding [or lack thereof] of guns and comfort of being able to use them themselves. If they can’t conceive of someone using them responsibly, then they don’t want people to have access to them. Thus, because they aren’t competent enough with firearms themselves to understand them and their function, it is hard for them to understand how others could be competent with them as well without some kind of extensive training to prepare them [such as law enforcement].

This, combined with the sort of heard mentality of them and their peers, makes for a seemingly self evident understanding that no one should own guns accept law enforcement and such.

Every single person that I’ve taught to shoot, has become pro gun if they weren’t previously, just because of the realization that guns are tools that people can and need to understand just like any other tool. One can be irresponsible or responsible with any tool. Machete, chain saw, gun, knife, car, pen, hammer, saw, screwdriver, etc… Any tool can be dangerous or serve a positive purpose.

May 15, 2017
Post in the thread I may have found the answer to the gun control problem. Dead Serious.
[Take a new shooter to the range whenever you can.—Joe]


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  1. friends:

    well, all very well and good, but, in the final analysis, pure nonsense: it gives credence to our opponents where none is due.

    the gun control crowd do not like guns because their political opponents possess them, and intend to use them to protect and preserve their ability to fight with guns if necessary to protect their political and civil liberties. in short, the gun control people do not wish to fight an armed opponent if and when they attempt to impose political tyranny upon us.

    it is as simple as that. no intellectual analysis need be performed upon the psyches of the leftist/progressive/commie pols. they do not dislike guns, in truth. they like them just fine when their minions use them to impose upon us. it is the idea that we possess them, and that we will use them to oppose them, that they do not like.

    do not forget this.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

    • Stalin was more honest:
      “If the opposition disarms, all is well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” — Stalin (Works, Vol.10, p.378., from a speech in 1927)

      • 🙂

        Tomorrow’s QOTD is by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels on a closely related topic.

  2. Anti gunners also don’t trust their own emotional state with any weapon, but knives somehow get a pass because they use them regularly to cut up vegetables for dinner. If an initiative came from the left to reduce knives in homes the histrionic left would back this in droves.

    • “That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”
      — George Orwell
      George Orwell was a Socialist, at least through the Spanish Civil War.

    • Re “don’t trust their emotional state”, there was a great quote on that subject on the bearingarms.com blog a while ago:

      I had a liberal colleague giving me grief about guns and that gun owners are crazy, so I just put the question to her – if someone handed you a loaded gun, what would you do with it? She said “I’d look for someone to shoot”. I told her “That’s the difference between me and you – I’d be looking to be sure it was pointed toward a safe place. You’re the one that needs professional help, not me.” — Martin Fischer, Conestoga College

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