As one would expect

Interesting news from inside the belly of the beast (emphasis added):

Gun control activists who previously worked for Watts in various state organizations are said to be frustrated and feeling burned by her, according to one source.

“Staff who worked for Shannon quit or are fired faster than the organization can replace them. She’s a nightmare,” the source told TheDC.

Another source close to the organization said in a written statement, “Two beliefs unite nearly all gun control supporters: background checks save lives, and Shannon Watts is a self-promoting tyrant.”

In order to be a gun control supporter you have to have a very low opinion of individual rights and a high opinion of the use of government force to infringe upon those rights. That one of the most prominent promoters of rights infringement is also a tyrant is as one would expect.

Sebastian has some advice for Watts.


4 thoughts on “As one would expect

  1. Yes, well, there’s always the Jim Jones/Charles Manson/Ted Bundy (and to some extent, the Clintons and many others) model; be nice to people just long enough to get a bunch of them under your total control, with no easy way out. Play that hand for all it’s worth, then destroy those under your control.

    Seemingly, for example, a lot of marriages appear to follow a similar pattern; woo, ensnare, devour, destroy.

    The overt tyrant has a much harder time getting and keeping disciples, and so the successful one must learn some charm. He (or she) is treating you like he loves you, while inside he’s despising you and hating every minute of it. By the time he plays his final hand, he has that pent up rage that comes from the torment of “lowering” himself to act like your good buddy and servant. The greater the lie, and the longer it takes, the more brutal the final act.

    So it’s the nice, sweet, thoughtful, attentive, charming tyrant that is the more dangerous. Never trust an overly nice person. There’s something horribly wrong inside and it’s only a matter of time before it comes out.

    The overt, rat-bastard, asshole tyrant is probably a lot less dangerous then– He’s expressing it on a regular basis, playing the short game, so to speak, without bottling up the frustration and hatred inside.

    Of course it’s much better to be not a tyrant at all, but if I had my choice of tyrants, I’d take the openly abrasive, obnoxious one.

    • In all those examples you gave, an essential component is the fact that the victims are defenseless.

  2. Now ask yourself this: why is Shannon Watts an overt asshole tyrant, rather than a charming one?

    Answer: because unlike, say, Bill Clinton, she did not get her power by charming people. She was chosen by Michael Bloomberg to be head of his AstroTurf organization. So, in a sense, she’s less like Lenin or Hitler, and more like the bland but vicious puppets installed by Stalin in eastern Europe.

    And that is also why she sucks at her job. Unlike the leaders of the NRA, she does not have a lifetime of commitment to her cause. She does not have years of hard-obtained knowledge about the facts of the issue. Having been chosen for her post by one man instead of many, she has never learned, by mistakes made, how to get people to agree with her.

    Most importantly, although she does have passion of a sort, it is the wrong kind of passion. She does not have passion FOR anything, the way a firearms instructor has a passion for helping petite women defend themselves against mostly Democrat rapists. Rather, she has a passionate hatred for anyone standing in her way. Having no interests in her life other than Knowing People Who Matter, she has spite for those who don’t look up to her, particularly those who have found some other source of joy in their lives such as shooting.

    So basically, she is exactly what you would expect a puppet to be.

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