Quote of the day—Doug Casey

Once an empire starts falling apart, trying to stop it is like trying to stop a tree from falling once its roots have rotted. It can’t be done, and it’s best not to be around when it happens.

The Cultural Marxists and other enemies of Western Civilization are in total control of the education system, so the next several generations of young people are corrupted. They control the media, so they control the prevailing intellectual climate. They control the NGOs, and the “think tanks” that infest DC and other major capitals. They control the Deep State.

So, no, Trump can’t reverse it. Among other reasons because he himself doesn’t have a philosophical or ethical core. He’s just a businessman; his object is just to make things more efficient. Like Mussolini, to make the trains run on time, as it were. He’s a good influence in that he hates the Cultural Marxists, and they hate him. But it’s not like he can offer a positive alternative for people to believe in.

Doug Casey
Doug Casey on the Plague of Cultural Marxists
[I certainly don’t know if Casey is correct but it seems to be a good match for the information I have.—Joe]


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  1. I would agree with Mr. Casey as far as Mr. Trump is concerned. Mr. Trump has a love on making deals and always seem to be like a boat in confused seas.

    He is very supportive of business which causes great wrath from the leftist but other than that I don’t thing he has position on anything, including firearms that might not change in the time it takes for a sound bite.

  2. I remember Jimmy Carter after Nixon, and even a bit of Johnson, and I remember how after those years and years of an apparently unstoppable march towards the cliff edge, Reagan took down the Soviets without one nuke going off, and ushered in a quarter century of economic growth.

    Sure, the left has a strong hold on a large part of society. But their beliefs are internally contradictory, self-defeating, and impossible to implement successfully in the real world. All it takes to destroy them is one of two conditions: They get their way, and their way leads to Venezuela. Or, someone says to them, “No, ” or better yet, “Hell, no!” and their entire program collapses onto itself.

    Take not counsel of your fears.

  3. Part of the problem, though Mr. Casey doesn’t say so, is that both major parties are pretty much equivalent, both being under control of socialism. There are some slight differences in degree and wording, but they don’t amount to a whole lot. The wholesale support of the Big State is there across the board.
    And to the extent that the Republicans aren’t quite so far gone, they have preemptively surrendered by giving the Democrats veto power over everything. I’ll start being a bit more optimistic if and when the filibuster is finally abolished entirely.
    Meanwhile, I think I’ll re-read The Enemies Trilogy for a reminder of how bad things can get if the left has its way.

  4. Of course the quote “At least he made the trains run on time” was sarcasm, as at the time they were worse than ever. It’s kind of like saying “At least he drained the swamp”.

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  6. One thing that bugs me is that everyone talks as if Trump is the Ace in the Hole. Another Anointed One, if you will. Every prediction of whether we go off the cliff or not revolves around one guy, Trump.

    But he’s just one guy. Sure, 4-8 years of him won’t produce much, and I think any rational person will realize that. A reversal takes time. So maybe in 4 years, we’ll start seeing something different in politics. Couldn’t say what. Maybe sane folks will learn lessons from him they wouldn’t have otherwise, who knows.
    What I do remember is everyone, absolutely everyone in every position of power and authority saying Trump can’t win. After every gaffe and scandal, he can’t win, all the way til he won.

    Every end of the world prediction ever made hasn’t happened. I’m not ready to listen to another one just yet.

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