Quote of the day—Dave Workman

Seattle voters overwhelmingly supported I-594, but refuse to recognize that it hasn’t worked, nor will they admit it will continue not working.

Dave Workman
April 26, 2017
‘Shoplift Shooting’ in Seattle Reveals Liberal Mindset
[But, of course, it depends upon your definition of “work”.

  • It creates a backdoor registration of gun owners who wish to follow the law.
  • It significantly increases the time and expense of gun ownership.
  • It increases the demonization of gun ownership.
  • It drives a wedge between gun owners and the police.
  • It creates a legal beachhead which degrades a specific enumerated right into a privilege reluctantly granted by the government.

It fails to reduce violent crime. But Seattle voters are overwhelmingly Democrats and one should not expect them to have any interest in placing restrictions upon their constituents.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dave Workman

  1. It is how it made them feel, not that it had to work or makes other people’s lives more difficult. This is true of almost all liberal voters support of legislation.

    I always wince when I hear, I feel and not I think.

  2. The goal isn’t to reduce crime. It’s to reduce gun owners. Pass enough stupid, confusing, complicated rules and a sizeable number of gun owners will leave, or won’t move there. Gun owners tend to vote republican, so, for a democrat, it’s an easy way to increase the chances for your reelection. Granted, it causes crime to increase, but that doesn’t affect the bodyguard-protected politicians, so they don’t really mind.

    Gun control is just gerrymandering via law, instead of redrawing borders.

    • Occam’s Razor at work here. That’s the most logical and likely true analysis for the real goal of gun control. Your last line should be the quote of the day.

      The real despicable thing is only Seattle County voted for it. the rest of Washinton wanted nothing to do with it, but more than half the population lives in that one county. so they f^$ked over the rest of the state.

      • You can draw some parallels between that, and how badly liberals have taken Hillary’s defeat, despite whatever lead she might have had in the popular vote.

        This is why there is an Electoral College.

        • Note that Hilary’s margin in the popular vote came, as I recall, simply from the votes in 4 of the NYC boroughs.

    • Your comment is very astute- 100% agree.
      You may be interested to know there is a term for this.
      “The Curley Effect”.
      Curley was a mayor of Boston, who realized he could reinforce his base by passing laws the opposition did not like, therefore incentivizing them to move to another political district. The laws IIRC were primarily tax laws, but the aim was on the small business owners, and more well to do middle class, who tended to vote against him. His constituency, of course, was unaffected by these laws.
      Now in 1900 guns were an American Value, not a Republican or Democrat value- nowadays, the political separation of firearms culture (95% conservative) makes it useful as a lever.

  3. My neighbor was all over this, got a lot of WSU students and their families to support it too… Raging communist PLA supporter too btw… he’s now buggered off to Canada, says he’s never coming back. Too bad we can’t send his friends with him…

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