4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—cat @oracle33c

  1. You know that for a fact, do you? Clearly, as has been noted before, you are totally acerebral. Now go away. You bother me.

  2. The subtext here seems to be that 2A supporters are fat, prudish, asexual hillbillies, while gun control freaks are sexy, wild, irresistible porn stars.

    So let’s put this to the test. You can Google these images yourself, since I am too lazy to link them.

    Jessie Harrison vs. Joan Peterson.

    Chuck Norris vs. Michael Moore.

    Dianne Feinstein vs. Nikki Haley.

    Kurt Schlichter vs. Chuck Schumer.

    Dana Loesch vs. Amy Schumer.

    Wow, we have a bunch of sexless gargoyles in the pro camp!!

  3. Why must we suffer these fools who reduce everything to fifth grade level sexual innuendo and insults?

    Wow, she really made her point and relied on logic and facts to be persuasive. I am going to melt down all of my firearms now because of her irresistible logic. Her clear thinking and analysis are irrefutable. We must disarm. Join me in being defenseless because our “betters” have spoken. / END SARCASM

    • We should not suffer them, but we should be aware of them.

      You may think that their stupid arguments are detrimental to their cause, but in so thinking you underestimate the power of peer pressure.

      Penis-based anti-gun arguments are aimed at the youngest generation, who still view themselves as hopelessly unattractive and in need of, first, acceptance, which they aim to get by copying what they are told is fashionable; and, second, by finding some “other” to be ridiculed as even less attractive than they are.

      Remember high school? Remember how you agreed with the other guys that you would never, ever sleep with that unpopular girl, while privately finding her enticing? Remember how you quoted the same boring list of “hot girls,” several of whom you found as attractive as a dead fish, simply because you feared being in the “out” crowd?

      The same dynamic is being used by our enemies. Don’t underestimate it.

      Instead of acting like a tired and exasperated old man, throw it back in their faces. Rub their noses in their own insufficiency. Point out that they are weak omega males.

      This isn’t a classroom debate. This is a battle to the finish. So be an alpha, not an Ichabod Crane.

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