Quote of the day—Lyle

The criminal class hates the concept of private arms, partly because it makes their trade more dangerous, but mostly because it’s an expression of the sovereignty of the individual.

Such sovereignty is an affront to their very identity. Putting the lie to their claims of legitimacy, it denies them their livelihood and existence.

In short; an armed, legal, polite society is a free society, and there is simply no place for the criminal class (authoritarians; advocates of coercion) in a free society.

In a proper world there is no place for them but behind bars or at the end of a rope. Although we complain about them every day, we hold them up as our teachers, our watchmen and our rulers. What does that say about us?

May 6, 2017
Comment to Quote of the day—Jay Dee
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lyle

  1. politicians need “problems.” it justifies their existence as arbitrators between competing classes. they make “conflict” so they can “assure” peace to all. simple as that.

    keep this in mind when you consider “terrorism.”

    in my view, “terrorism” serves the ruling elites of the “west” as much as it does the ruling elites of “islam.”

    just sayin. john jay

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