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  1. I don’t see it as a euphemism but as a telltale symptom of one’s allegiance to the dark side.

    The criminal class hates the concept of private arms, partly because it makes their trade more dangerous, but mostly because it’s an expression of the sovereignty of the individual.

    Such sovereignty is an affront to their very identity. Putting the lie to their claims of legitimacy, it denies them their livelihood and existence.

    In short; an armed, legal, polite society is a free society, and there is simply no place for the criminal class (authoritarians; advocates of coercion) in a free society.

    In a proper world there is no place for them but behind bars or at the end of a rope. Although we complain about them every day, we hold them up as our teachers, our watchmen and our rulers. What does that say about us?

    And so we are compromised. The best we might come up with then, is that just as he who is without sin (meaning no one) may cast the first stone, he who is with sin can simply leave others the fucking hell alone.

    Our constitution embodies that concept. The Bill of Rights is a ban on coercion, written with the full knowledge that coercion will happen anyway, which is why it includes a ban on gun control, knowing also that gun control will happen anyway. It is at the same time a plea, a recipe and a demand for peace, knowing that war will happen anyway because the criminal class, the alliance of the dark side, will never listen to reason, and never stop of its own.

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