Quote of the day—Brandon Scott

It’s clear we have to do things differently. What we’re doing currently isn’t working. The strategy isn’t working.

Brandon Scott
Baltimore City Councilman
May 3, 2017
ATF brings ballistics van to Baltimore after murder rate surges
[Recognizing that what they are doing does not work is a step in the right direction. But then what do they do? Instead of looking “next door” to Virginia or Pennsylvania, to see what they are doing that has been tried and known to be working better they add something new to the situation. Maryland infringes upon the specific enumerated right to keep and bear far more than neighboring states and even though they apparently are aware the problem is related to guns they can’t imagine they are going in the wrong direction. Instead of making easier for innocent people to defend themselves they attempt to increase their ability to trace and infringe gun ownership.

When you are in a hole you don’t want to be in STOP DIGGING!

This is yet another demonstration of crap for brains and/or outright evil. Scott and his gang should be arrested and prosecuted.—Joe]


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  1. Double down on the stupid. It’s the “common sense” thing to do. Every politician knows that………

  2. I lived in Baltimore in the 1990s. The problems which resulted in more than one murder per day there back then, and which likely still hold true today, in criminal violence include police and government corruption, gang violence related to the drug trade and territorial control, local and state regulatory hindrances to gentrification of slums, multi-generational welfare dependencies of large numbers of people, and refusal of the populace to act against criminals in their midst (due to both fear of retaliation and social norms).

    I still thank God I no longer live there. There is no easy solution, as the local populace most affected by crime refuses to assist in elimination of the perpetrators, the police are still corrupt (open air drug markets daily in the same places year after year are a pretty good indication of that, don’t you think?), and nobody’s going to tear down slum housing while the City and State essentially want to require investors to provide free housing for the slum dwellers instead of for people who will pay money.

    • Baltimore, you’re saying, is a great Democrat/Progressive authoritarian success then. A Model City.

  3. Baltimore still refuses to prosecute women for straw purchasing, because the women are presumed to be coerced by the prohibited felons for whom they are purchasing firearms. Women charged with dozens of counts of straw purchases, plead down to non-violent non-gun-related crimes. Any sane person would think that they would at least be denied by NICS, but apparently not. Local news ocassionally reports on the same people previously being caught (and not charged with) straw purchasing, able to do it again.

    Maryland reports that time served for the majority of murder is 13 to 41 months. Maryland separately reports that the majority of murders convictions are against felons previously convicted of murder, who served time and were released.

    I’ve been trying to remember or find the name of the guy who kidnapped, raped and killed a little girl. He was caught, did time, was released. Kidnapped, raped and killed another girl. Caught, did time, released. Kidnapped another girl, police catch him with the girl still alive. Gets bail because Maryland, eludes police, kills a girl while on bail. He bounced back and forth between Maryland and Pennsylvania. His example is the reason everyone should be armed, but the story would be more educational with his name and specific details. Feels like Google has intentionally buried the story.

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