Quote of the day—Nicole Hockley

How do you recognize who the good guys are? How does arming ourselves with more weaponry make us a safer society?

Nicole Hockley
May 1, 2017
Why do people buy guns after a mass shooting?
[The good guy is putting high velocity lead into the guy shooting the elementary kids and teachers. Duh!

The second question is probably answered best by another question:

How does making people defenseless make us a safer society?

But I don’t think Hockley is interested in answers to her questions. If she were she would have had them ages ago. She just wants to believe the questions support her agenda. Either she has crap for brains and/or she thinks the rest of society is as stupid as she is.—Joe]


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  1. OT, but is Random Nuclear Strikes dead? I haven’t been able to connect to it in a while.

  2. “How does making people defenseless make us a safer society?”
    So, this person is in support of gun rights, then?

    Oh, wait, I see! “Society” is the key word here. Rights of individuals, defense of self and others, has no place in this question. The defenseless “people” in the question aren’t individuals who should be allowed to defend themselves, but instead are a group, a subset of “society,” who are put at the mercy of someone else with a gun.

    This person does not have shit for brains. They simply ignore, willfully, the concept of individual rights in favor of promoting their collectivist bullshit.

  3. Only an authoritarian would ask those questions, and the correct answers would mean nothing to an authoritarian.

    You’re right; Nicole Hockley is (pretending to be) incredulous, not because of an inability to reason but because of a misplaced alliance.

    Americans don’t seek to mold and shape “our society” by allowing government to lord over it.

    She’s the kind of person who calls you a beast, but when she becomes frightened for her safety she’ll run to your side, reflexively, for safely. In her misplaced alliance though, she’s inclined to run to government agents with their guns.

    If the bare truth be known she’d be attracted to a strong, principled man, and in that case it may not be difficult to correct her. The trouble is, there are almost no strong, principled men, and so she is doomed to spend her life in frustration and anger, having no where to look for strength or love but to a government that will end up letting her down and taking advantage of her like all the men in her life have done.

    • I don’t know if she’s pretending to be incredulous, but she asks transparently rhetorical questions, and her choice telegraphs the answers she expects.

      She is imitating the set-piece battles against unprepared and unarmed opponents by which indoctrination masquerades as open “reasoned discourse” in colleges.

      • The appropriate reply then would be for someone to fling a rock at Ms. Hockley then deny it was violence since no gun was involved and point out that Ms. Hockley’s response was to call for a hired gun to defend herself.

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  5. Oh you busted my line Joe :-).
    The email update was:
    “Either she has crap for brains or she thinks the rest of society is as stupid as she is.” and you edited it to and/or
    I see you’ve already begun the process of embracing the mighty power of “and”.

    • 🙂

      Yeah. I queued up the post yesterday then read the post this morning after it went live and saw my error.

      • i recall a matrix in Logic class. There were several possibilities, but one was all propositions being true.

        • All propositions among those listed? Or all possible propositions? Clearly, “all…true” cannot be correct for the latter case.

  6. “How does arming ourselves with more weaponry make us a safer society”

    Her premise is that ALL guns (except those in the hands of benevolent, ahem, government agents) are evil and will be used for random violence.

    Completely ignores the point that we are armed to the teeth. At least 100 million armed Americans with well over 300 million firearms from old estimates. Given the eight previous years of an orgy of gun capitalism, I would be it much higher.

    Yet, I do not have to use a snorkel on my SUV to wade through the rivers of blood in our streets. Actually, violent crime had been going down (there has been a slight recent uptick).

    It is true that the way to confront an evil person with a gun is with a good person with a gun, whether it is an average citizen or law enforcement, the response is the same, namely, “The good guy is putting high velocity lead into the guy shooting the elementary kids and teachers.”

    As noted above, liberals and despots are impervious to facts. Their feelings trump all.

    • Without a gun, as Colonel Cooper pointed out, you can only flee from evil, you cannot vanquish it.

  7. ” How does arming ourselves with more weaponry make us a safer society? translates to “How does you arming yourself with more weaponry make me safer?” Or possibly, ‘make your enemies safer?’

    ‘Why do people buy guns after a mass shooting?” translates to ‘I wish resistance to opportunistic gun grabs was less vigilant.’

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