Statistics for Boomershoot 2017

Boomershoot 2017 is over and I have some statistics to share from my entry statistics page (modified slightly to account for last minute changes):

  Total Average per position taken Average per total positions
Positions Taken 51 0.67
Participants 100 1.96 1.32
Friday Field Fire participants 16 0.31 0.21
Friday Clinic participants 4 0.08 0.05
Friday High Intensity participants 15 0.29 0.20
Personal Fireball participants 2 0.04 0.03
Saturday Field Fire participants 44 0.86 0.58
Saturday Clinic participants 16 0.31 0.21
Saturday High Intensity participants 26 0.51 0.34
Dinner participants 65 1.27 0.86
Sunday Shooters 85 1.67 1.12
Sunday Spotters 5 0.10 0.07
Media/Bloggers 7 0.14 0.09
ATF Approved 20 0.39 0.26
Staff 31 0.61 0.41

Long range shooters had 20 four inch and 187 seven inch square targets available between 600 and 700 yards. They also had 400 four inch and 154 seven inch targets at the tree-line (about 375 yards). At the end of the event there were only 11 intact targets left on the fields. This was the lowest number ever. This is attributed to low wind, good shooting, and no three inch targets.

For all events combined we consumed a total of about 1440 targets filled with nearly 1700 pounds of explosives.

It was a real blast.


7 thoughts on “Statistics for Boomershoot 2017

  1. I know there weren’t too many targets out there when we started packing up at 2:30. And I didn’t even use my varmint AR this year because there just weren’t enough targets left in front of us at the treeline. What a great problem to have!

  2. Add to that the Easter Eggs and Explosive Bunnies.

    I was quite happy to help denude your crop of explosive potatoes. Who knew there was a potato variety in Idaho that would sprout a woody stalk with a squarish bulb at the end? It would make a lovely flower when hit with a high velocity projectile.

  3. I was the nut on touring bike with the neon-yellow riding gear.

    Got rained on en route, my speedo cable came unscrewed, arrived just in time for the fireball fail, my raingear now smells of raw fuel, dropped my bike (twice!) in the mud trying to leave, got rained on riding home, and took a wrong turn adding about thirty miles to my trip, and I’m STILL feeling the ‘sore’ from 6 hours in the saddle.

    Still a great day!

    (and another hearty round of thank-yous to the fellows who helped me roll the bike up the hill!)

    • It was Bill C. who ran off to help you. He and his wife Cindy drove from the Seattle area just to help with target production and watch.

      Sorry about the fireball failure and the muddy driveway. I have plans to permanently fix both issues for next year.

    • You’re very welcome. I couldn’t stand seeing you guys struggle to get your bike up the grade!

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