Quote of the day—Paul Koning

Those in power aim to disarm those who are not. That’s true in England, Germany, the USSR, California, DC, etc. And they always start with the subgroups that are easily demonized: catholics, blacks, jews, etc.

Paul Koning
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[This is part of the reason why there is Boomershoot this weekend.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Paul Koning

  1. Unfortunately for the Hillarys and Bloombergs, the “group” they try to demonize now is far too broad to easily define. The political cartoons with the fat-bellied hillbilly polishing his shotgun (with NRA emblazoned on his cap) were weak to begin with, but becoming more incorrect with each passing year. Gun ownership in America is broad and deep – it’s not so easy to stereotype gun owners anymore.

    • Be that as it may, they’ll never stop– Certainly not willingly.

      So it is that rights infringements and rights violations must be treated properly as a criminal justice matter. We have laws against “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law”, and against “Conspiracy to Deprive Rights”, laws with severe penalties, and we’re not using them.

      So long as we sit back, ignore the laws, and treat these open attacks on Civil Rights as a political lobbying issue, we deserve the problems that inevitably result.

      When the American People get serious about protecting one another’s’ rights, all this Progressive Marxist horseshit will go away very quickly. Until then, we all sit on the fence, with muddled thoughts and corrupted views of “justice”, and good people suffer as a result.

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