Quote of the day—Barb L.

We just love NOT pounding stakes in the rain.


Barb L.
April 20, 2017
[It’s Boomershoot time!

To fully appreciate this quote you need to read this QOTD and see the picture from a year ago and compare to this year.

It was raining hard Thursday morning but the forecast was for the rain to taper off in the afternoon. So, I told the staff to delay the schedule by four hours. Barb and I were still running around preparing but we didn’t spend too much time outside. At least nothing like we would have if we had been setting up the shooting line or pounding target stakes into the hillside. So, Barb was very appreciative of not pounding stake when it was raining hard and there were gusts of wind up to 28 MPH.

Friday and Saturday are supposed to be much drier and warmer.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Barb L.

  1. Question: Is the opening fireball still scheduled at 10AM? Weather looks to be shaping up for decent a motorcycle ride and Boomershoot’s Fireball gives me a destination if not a reason! 😉

    Observation: You may want to think about updating the directions from Kendrick. According to Google Maps ‘Middle rd.’ has been renamed to ‘Teakean rd.’

  2. Does UHaul ever give you any trouble when you return a trailer, or do you wash them first? 🙂

    • Last year we had a couple inches of mud on the U-Haul and we decided the $15 cleaning charge was worth it because our time was so limited. I called to confirm sign on the inside of the trailer was correct about the charge. They told me, “It is a $15 minimum charge.” We used my brother’s pressure washer to clean it before we returned it.

      They did not give us any trouble but I’ll bet they didn’t look at the underside of it.

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