Quote of the day—Lori Yeghiayan Friedman

Federal concealed carry reciprocity is simply an end-run around state laws. It’s a gift to gun manufacturers — for whom any gun restriction, “reasonable” or no — means fewer sales.

Lori Yeghiayan Friedman
April 17, 2017
Op-ed: Federal concealed carry reciprocity is wrong for Pennsylvania and the country
[Ah yes. You can always recognize the Marxist. To them everything is always about money. The concepts of principles, inalienable rights, freedom of choice, and even individualism are either dismissed or derided.

After a hundred years, hundreds of attempts, and over 100 million murdered by their own government Friedman and her ilk still believe Marxism is “progress”.

We are on a different path. To us, freedom is progress.—Joe]


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  1. I’ve said before that there seems to be an on-going gift to us, which is nicely illustrated in this quote. The gift lies in what is apparently a universal tendency for the morally bankrupt to also be overtly, factually bankrupt.

    In this case, Friedman ignores the extreme rise in gun sales due to Obama’s election, the previous extreme rise in gun sales during the Clinton administration, and the relative lull in sales during the W Bush years in between. But all of that guns-for-money argument is just smoke and mirrors.

    “End-run” around state laws? No one on the left really wants to get into states’ rights issues, because they’re opposed to individual rights. Roe Vs Wade smashed the states’ right to make laws to protect the innocent, and they love it. They’re mostly correct in believing that we favor “states’ rights”, and will try to use that against us, but their whole agenda is focused on gaining centralized control of all things.

    Another gift; they seem compelled to be extremely, overtly, clownishly hypocritical in all things. It would be like all spies and under-cover cops being required to wear clown suits at all times, and blow their little bulb horns where ever they go. They’re pretty easy to spot.

    Historically, the only “states’ rights” issue the Democrats really, truly fought for was their asserted “states’ right” to have slaves. Some 700,000 to 800,000 people were killed in that fight. When they lost that fight, they resorted to undermining the second amendment in their desire to prevent freed slaves from defending themselves.

    Generations ago, the Marxists boasted to America; “We will use your system to destroy you.” Other quotes like “When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use” are of the same nature. Thus comes the hypocrisy. It is built in to the goal, like claiming “states’ rights” to run slaves.

    You cannot use the belief in human rights as equally endowed by the Creator, to undermine human rights. So it is that when we declare our adherence to this basic principle, and mean it, we cannot lose.

    Nice try, Lori Yeghiayan Friedman. It is probably the best you can do, given the covenant and goal of the Dark Side. It is, however, utterly ridiculous.

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  3. Of course it’s about money. That’s the one thing Marxists want that they can’t get in the quantities they deserve because they are themselves. They think about money every day, and how someone else has more than they deserve, not that the Marxists know what sacrifices were made to get that money.

  4. My argument is how can there be ANY state gun control laws?

    Every state in the Union must recognize the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. They do not get to pick and choose parts of it and how they (dis)respect it.

    I am able to exercise my First Amendment rights in an identical fashion in every state. I don’t have to surrender my Bible when crossing state lines. The same must be true with my arms to be consistent.

    If they want to go down the route of asserting that state rights illogically trump the Constitution then I’m all for ending women’s suffrage, putting the blacks back in chains as slaves, outlawing alcohol, and ending the income tax. /end sarcasm

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