Quote of the day—Boston Antifa

Gun violence is a disease. The cure is the elimination of firearms from not just the citizens but the fascist police and the military as well.

We are seeking an elimination of all guns and all means of creating new ones. With the collapse of the Trump regime, this may be our one best chance to enact true peace and change on the world. Join us, comrades, and let’s eliminate guns from our lives and world.


Boston Antifa
April 10, 2017
[Parody? Insanity? I’m just not sure.


The bottom line is that you should never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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    • Boston Antifa is an idiot and coward why the mask and does his mother know he is doing this in her basement. if you eliminate guns then cars then knives then rocks people will still have the same amount of violence without guns to protect themselves from morons like him and his rat pack. Guns make the playing field safer not less safe

  1. Right, and then we can eliminate knives, stones, oh yeah, and anyone who is bigger, stronger and faster than me. I hope this is a parody but my experience tells me that the Boston antifa really thinks this is rational. I, in some ways feel sorry for people who live such a life of delusion. Just not sorry enough to let them run and ruin my life.

  2. It’s so hard to read your manifesto on youtube when your glasses keep fogging up. #FirstWorldProblems #ThirdWorldSolutions #WhatWouldCheDo

  3. “…and all means of creating new ones.” Do you think they mean to eliminate most knowledge of metallurgy, chemistry and physics from existence? That’s a lofty goal, even for these types.

  4. Well at least they recommend removing guns from the government, too.

    The usual tripe is that the government can be trusted with a monopoly on force, which it cannot.

    Of course, given the first country to enact this would disappear within a day. If the whole world did so, the antifa and their fellow travellers would be in power shortly thereafter with no one to stop them with force. Ah, the real goal emerges…

  5. ““…and all means of creating new ones.” Do you think they mean to eliminate most knowledge of metallurgy, chemistry and physics from existence? That’s a lofty goal, even for these types.”

    This is a result of eliminating study of the trades in school. They think that making things requires a huge factory and an enormous investment of labor and capital.

    Folks are often amazed when I show them things I have made in wood, by hand. A get asked what expensive power tools I used. The answer is usually “none”. The craftsmen in the federal period didn’t have power tools, and I’d barely be good enough to be a starting apprentice by their standards.

    I also own and can use a metalworking lathe, and can run a vertical mill. I’m no qualified machinist by a long shot, but I have little doubt I could make a fully functioning firearm if I had the desire to.

    I dabble in electronics too!

    These precious snowflakes are so far removed from how food is produced and how goods gat made that they really do believe this tripe. Dirt in the pores and oil under the fingernails at a younger age would be the start of a good remedy.


    • It might prevent a lot of really strange allergies, too.

      I think it was about 30 years ago that I first saw slogans on the order of “Guns don’t kill people, people with machine shops kill people.”, or
      “Have a machine shop, go to jail.”

  6. Just like we totally and forever eliminated certain drugs by writing laws against them. That worked so well that they want to repeat it, thus giving their criminal soul mates (government, common criminals and enemies of America everywhere) a monopoly on deadly force.

    As I’ve said before, a ban on guns means only one thing; the law-abiding are disarmed and only the government and common criminals (both of which seek to lord over us and live off of our substance) will be armed.

    That’s their best possible scenario; the best they could hope for. Short of that pipe dream, the good people will rise up and put out the usurpers in an attempt to restore, or for once fulfill, American liberty. Short of THAT pipe dream, America will descend into a century or more of darkness, in which no one understands what they are fighting for or against, but they’re just fighting, each with his own shallow motivations, never truly grounded in principles but rationalizing his actions based on emotions he cannot control.

    You’ll need a powerful army to even attempt that, Boston Antifa, and we can fight back. The difference is we’ll have principle and the constitution on our side. All you will have is hate and frustration, and they will burn you out.

    All that said; I’ll say it’s parody until proven otherwise.

    Something that stupid and insane must be approached with caution. I do know there are people who think like that– I’ve heard from them all my life. Most were likely posers (liars), mostly in media and entertainment, trying to manipulate, not really holding those beliefs themselves, but they’re sure to have influenced some of the less attentive among us.

  7. I spent some time digging around there. It has to be a satirical site. Nobody is that dumb.

    • I really hope you are correct in your judgment there, but given what I’ve heard from the Mainstream media that came out of the mouths of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and that elected Democrat who said that Guam might capsize if too many people went there, I am not that sanguine.

  8. I left this comment on youtube:

    On 2 August 216 BC the army of Hannibal defeated a Roman army at the battle of Cannae. At least 50,000 Romans were killed, in an afternoon. No guns were used.

  9. Satire? As in, “Irish people wouldn’t starve during the potato famine if they just eat their own children”. That kind of satire?

    Naw … the kid doesn’t look smart enough to be that good a satirist. He’s just another SJW.

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