Quote of the day—John Stoehr

What’s common about common sense depends on context. In this case, the context is a black man entering a Subway shop in 2016 clearly, openly and legally armed, and sending the place into a panic. The cops were called. They demanded to see his permit. He lawfully refused. And Connecticut’s white liberals lost their minds. It’s just crazy that the law bars cops from asking for a person’s permit. This is common sense! The alternative is insane!

John Stoehr
April 12, 2017
John Stoehr: Gun control, in black and white
[Although Stoehr’s point in his opinion piece is inscrutable to me he does have some good observation.

“Common sense!” That is the cry from the anti-gun people. The only facts that matter are that they can’t tolerate the thought of people keeping and bearing arms. The only logic that matters is that they will be afraid if ordinary people could exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Can’t you see that it just doesn’t make any sense for people to have these things that are designed to kill? You must be stupid, crazy, or have a small penis if that isn’t obvious to you. Analogies are dismissed because, “That’s completely different.”

I think we are at the point that we can mock them most of the rest of the time and ignore them for the most part as we take more and more of their friends and neighbors to the range. Make the nut case anti-gun people into a smaller and smaller minority and eventually they will go silent or wander around the streets mumbling to themselves and the street lights.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Stoehr

  1. Just wait until it is progressive common sense that only the computer is allowed to operate your motor vehicle. Well, the computer and a government over-ride, of course, if you deviate from your allowed routes or travel times or permitted miles.

    Freedom of travel is a right, but driving on a road is a privilege.

    • Yeah, I always get annoyed when people claim that “driving is a privilege”. BULLSHIT.

  2. I’m sure folks of Stoehr’s ilk would love to march all us lawful gun owners into camps. In bright lettering, emblazoned on an arch over the entry gate would be the words: Gesunder Menschenverstand
    It even sounds a little snappier than Arbeit Macht Frei.

  3. Progressives’ “common sense” is common as all get-out, but there’s not a lick of sense in it.

  4. Mr Stoehr is a “lecturer at Yale” and a full-time maroon. He doesn’t seem to realize that MLK was a republican and a gun owner for a freakin’ reason. I feel sorry for the terror he must live in daily, as he seems unable to protect himself and/or his family.

    He’s more to be pitied than censured…..

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