Quote of the day—Sarah Clements

We as gun reform activists need to continuously say we support the Second Amendment.

Sarah Clements
July 24, 2016
Millennials Are Less Likely to Support Gun Control Than You’d Think
[She also claims:

Gun control isn’t about taking firearms from people, it’s about making sure the wrong people don’t have access to dangerous weapons through proposals such as increasing background checks, implementing waiting periods after purchasing guns, and a ban on semi-automatic guns…

Ahh… Yes. I understand perfectly. It’s not about taking firearms from people. It’s about a ban on semi-automatic guns. And don’t forget to continuously say, “we support the Second Amendment.”

This is what I understand. Sarah Clements is the face of deception. And, as Doug H. said, “deception is the hallmark of evil”.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sarah Clements

  1. In other words, she’s a lying scumbag shitweasel who deliberately uses deception, trickery, and false appearances to advance her agenda, because she know it can’t advance on the merits.

    The solution is simple.

    Burn her as a witch.

    • I suspect you will have trouble getting her trial judge to agree with your sentence recommendation. It’s worth a try though.

  2. And, uh…Just *WHO* gets to decide which people the ‘wrong people’ are, eh?

    • The answer to that is obvious. Not you, not me, we don’t have the knowledge of the experts or the responsibility of the party members (the ones who have won election — or maybe we should call them “The Elect”*) who have been selected based on their abilities to plan for us the things we are unable to plan for ourselves. They are the ones who get to decide, the pre-American revolution royalty who are charged with making the best decisions for the society (and coincidentally the best for themselves). Why this is not objectionable to the rank-and-file Leftists who vocally claim a desire for equality is a mystery to me.

      * Yes, I’m intentionally invoking the Calvinist image and concept of the “Elect” as those having a place in heaven, indicated by their success and prosperity on Earth.

  3. I’m all for the first amendment;

    BUT… “We” need qualifications, background checks and licensing before someone can be allowed to post comments on the internet. And of course certain methods of dissemination should be banned altogether, except for a few government agencies. Otherwise anyone could say anything, there’d be no way to tell truth from falsity, and who knows what kinds of horrible things might happen as a result? Obviously then, “We” need an official gatekeeper for news, information and opinion. Only then could “We” exercise our right to be free from false or misleading speech…

    You can do this stupid trick with any unalienable human right, and then you’re an enemy of the American principles of liberty. Bully for you.

  4. “…we support the Second Amendment.”

    “Support” – I do not think you know what that word means. All the proposals given are limits and restrictions on it, so she gives it zero support; a lying shit-weasel.

  5. It’s not about taking guns away. At its root, it’s about determining WHICH people are the WRONG people in the first place. Taking guns away becomes irrelevant…

    • Except everyone is the wrong person when referring to semi-autos.

      Pro-life people should do this same thing: “we support a woman’s right to choose, so long as she’s not choosing to have an abortion”

  6. For the gun control-crowd, the end justifies the means. What they are doing is so noble and so critical that they are allowed (in their minds) lie, cheat, or steal to achieve it.

    I personally think most gun controllers suffer from a mental disorder.

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